laurie53 09:34 29 Jul 2007

"On a visit to Tewkesbury, Conservative leader David Cameron said questions needed to be asked about how to try to prevent a repeat of such widescale damage.

“Are we desilting and digging out the ditches and the streams; are we putting in the right flood protection; are we protecting key infrastructure?” he told the BBC."

The two biggest rivers in the country overflow on an unprecedented scale and our politicians are talking about de-silting ditches?

Are they really on the same planet, let alone in the same country, as the rest of us?

  Forum Editor 10:03 29 Jul 2007

Desilting and digging out ditches and streams has a beneficial effect, which is why David Cameron mentioned it.

If ditches and streams are maintained properly they'll reduce the risk of flooding, because rainwater will take longer to reach the rivers. A large quantity of water will be contained in the ditches and streams.

  [email protected] 10:28 29 Jul 2007

it seems to have worked in bridgnorth and stourport close to me, in fact i dont think they have been flooded since they concentrated on this some years ago after 3 years of continous floods.

  The Brigadier 10:30 29 Jul 2007

Got the trusty Unimog serviced 2 weeks ago just in case we get flooded.
Both Defenders have snorkles so should be fine.
Must admit the steam near the farm is very high at the moment and we have at least got another small flood plain between us and the stream.

  anskyber 11:01 29 Jul 2007

The question is almost rhetorical. In fact it hardly requires the brainpower of a brain surgeon to ask such blindingly obvious questions. Some answers would have been of greater value.

Let's hope the political parties of all colours have more imagination than "bribing" us all with tax cuts whilst at the same time stripping out the basic needs for improving and maintaining essential infrastructure.

The truth is there will be no complete answer, it would cost more than most of us are prepared to pay. Ultimately all government is about risk assessment linked to an insurance based back up.

  Mike D 12:07 29 Jul 2007

I'm with you adman 2. The flood warnings were (if I remember rightly)for Shrewsbury to Buildwas and then from the Worcester area southwards. Bridgnorth, Stourport and Bewdley were notable by their absence in the news.


  WhiteTruckMan 12:36 29 Jul 2007

on what to do BEFORE the flood

click here


  Kate B 15:16 29 Jul 2007

Cameron is a bit late to the flood photo-opportunity. He was in Rwanda all last week, which got almost no coverage at all. Rather unfortunate timing, and I saw a headline last week wondering why he was there and not putting in an appearance in his flooded constituency. So I think standing up after the worst of the crisis and stating the blindingly obvious is a bit weak, to say the least.

  Legolas 15:38 29 Jul 2007

It seems that one of the reasons that flooding is more prevalent is that successive governments have allowed houses to be built on flood plains, this of course is bad on two fronts, 1)Areas that would have been flooded and helped to soak up the water are now tarmac/concreted over and 2)Obviously houses built on flood plains are going to well...flood.

  tried 15:50 29 Jul 2007

keep calm lads and lassies Im building an ark like noah,s trouble is B&Q dont sell wood in cubits! look on the bright side Goldens gone to A merica to consult Bushy gosh Im rambling again!!

  bretsky 15:54 29 Jul 2007

But according to the government, we still need to build more houses because of the demand and if that means building on flood plains then this is what we can expect and this is a price worth paying.
Wonder if Hilary Benn lives on a flood plain?

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