flashing pages on this site

  sunny staines 19:17 19 Feb 2007

anyone having the web pages flashing when moving between pages on this web site, I have medical problems with migraine,lupus, & glucoma and cannot stand bright flashing lights had to make this my last viewing of a page tonight as its set of a migraine any others getting this or is it my browser.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:18 19 Feb 2007

Nothing here.


  jakimo 19:19 19 Feb 2007

No problems here

  Chaz10 19:23 19 Feb 2007

Mines flashing as well, also the curser where you post messages is strange.

  anskyber 19:23 19 Feb 2007
  Sapins 19:26 19 Feb 2007

Same as you!

  Totally-braindead 19:27 19 Feb 2007

FEs away investigating as his is doing it too.

If you switch to Firefox in the meantime it appears to be ok.

  anskyber 19:34 19 Feb 2007

I need to sign off from here, it's crashing my brain. Ermmm, any adverse comment will be noted.

  Totally-braindead 19:39 19 Feb 2007

I'm off as well anskyber to be honest I'm not feeling too well, my vision is blurry and even thoigh I'm on Firefox now I'm certain its a residual effect of the flashing in IE7.

  Forum Editor 19:40 19 Feb 2007

and there's another thread running somewhere. Don't hold your breath, nothing's going to happen tonight, but we'll see what can be done tomorrow.

  Watchful 20:10 19 Feb 2007

and the page flashes on and off twice.

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