FixMeStick - Has anyone tried one?

  Peter~24 00:08 23 Aug 2017

FixMeStick - Has anyone tried one? Any opinions on this item? The price seems to be all over the place. A week or so back it was about £90 from the maker's site or about £23 from Amazon, now it's about £49 from Amazon and £10 for a 30 day trial from the maker's site.

Does this device work or is it just snake oil? Any opinions?


  Menzie 00:26 23 Aug 2017

In my opinion the main use of something like this is that you can boot into it and attempt to remove any malware or virus if Windows isn't booting any more.

This is good but most antivirus options out there now offer an option to create a bootable disc for recovery when running the OS isn't possible.

When you factor in the yearly subscription cost a decent antivirus with boot disc is the better value.

This is my opinion.

  mole44 04:42 23 Aug 2017

I clone my desktop drive to three consecutive drives (Keeping them away from my house for safety), i do this knowing if things go pear shaped i have three backups and more importantly a drive swap is easier a complete reinstall.I use the free version of Acronis from western digital (You do need a WD drive plugged somewhere into your system though,and no yearly subscription or hastle.

  Govan1x 09:19 23 Aug 2017

Some good and bad reviews from Walmart customers.

Click here

It is not something I would use but I suppose there are millions of users out there that do not have a clue about security programs so would maybe try it.

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