Fixing roman blinds onto upvc double glazed frame

  rickf 09:06 08 Jan 2019

Hi, what is the best and safe way to drill into upvc frame to fix roman blinds and what kind of raw plugs should I use? I know that I need to use a multi purpose drill bit. Thanks

  wee eddie 10:04 08 Jan 2019

Don't. You will destroy the integrity of the frame

  rickf 10:17 08 Jan 2019

wee eddie, asking because I am getting somewhat conflicting opinion on this. Some sites are suggesting that it is ok as long as it's not drilled into the window frame itself. The outer frame is ok. Just wondering if forum members have had the experience of doing this and the outcome.

  Govan1x 10:21 08 Jan 2019


  Govan1x 10:22 08 Jan 2019

That did not work. Just Google it. it seems very straightforward.

  Govan1x 10:24 08 Jan 2019

I have been told it is fine to drill into the frame as it is the windows that are double glazed so it should not cause a problem.

  john bunyan 11:16 08 Jan 2019

If you can , I would top fix into the lintel above the window. I used a metal drill bit as the lintel was metal with a plaster coat.

  rickf 11:59 08 Jan 2019

Many thanks for all the replies. Very helpful. Think I'll top fix it if the brackets that come with the blinds are suitable. If not I might have to return them for ones that can be top fixed. Part of the reason being I think top fix on to concrete gives a stronger hold. With much appreciation.

  Quickbeam 12:28 08 Jan 2019

The frame is not solid like a wooden one. The material that you drill into is only a few mm thick so the fixing will work loose very quickly.

  Govan1x 13:11 08 Jan 2019

Heed what JB said. Metal Lintels can be a nightmare to drill through unless you have the proper drills that JB had. Best of luck which ever way you go.

I will be doing the same as yourself next month I hope. So let us know how did it and if you had any problems

  john bunyan 13:29 08 Jan 2019

Usually the fixings are dual purpose. Good luck

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