A fiver for a bank statement.

  KRONOS the First 10:35 19 Sep 2012

I need a recent bank statement and as I shred mine shortly after checking I thought simple process to get a replacement. Then the fun begins.

I log into my online account and yes there is the facility to order a bank statement all you have to do is but in the necessary dates. I just need one which covers the last two months so I filled in the required dates and pressed next, to be greeted with this error.

"1600014 : Sorry, but we can't send you statement sheets for the dates you requested because your name wasn't on the account account during that time."

Now I am making my request after going through various security checks but I thought OK just a glitch I'll phone instead. It seems it is very difficult to phone your actual branch and get a 0845 number to call. After going through the interminable press this number on your keypad say this ETC ETC. I eventually talked to someone who apologised and said yes they were having problems with the online service but that she could indeed send me a statement for the princely sum of £5.00.

I asked her if she was having a laugh but seeming no,that is what it costs. So I declined her offer and will make do with a mini statement from an ATM.

  Bing.alau 10:55 19 Sep 2012

Never destroy bank statements. If the tax man ever gets his teeth in to you, you will be required to produce copies of them for many years. I speak from experience. I used to keep mine for about six months or maybe a year. But my tax man decided he wanted to see mine for a period of the previous three years.

I have just destroyed a huge heap of my bank statements and invoices/receipts from various cash and carries and other places. They were taking up valuable space and were probably not helping my attic floor. But I still have the last five years worth.

I also have my copies on line as well and never seem to have any trouble getting to them if I want to print any off etc.

  KRONOS the First 11:18 19 Sep 2012

It seemingly varies with the banks. With the Clydesdale I could download my statements but not so with Lloyds.

  KRONOS the First 11:21 19 Sep 2012

Rant withdrawn as I have discovered that I can print out my current, not so much statement but what I can see on screen in my account at the present time.

  pavvi 12:00 19 Sep 2012

I have been told by my accountant that bank statements should be kept for 6 years for tax purposes.

  BT 12:06 19 Sep 2012

I'm with Barclays and can see my most recent transactions going back a couple of months, but actual statements are available as downloads going back ages. I don't get regular postal statements any more since signing up for online statements, which are available as I said as downloads if necessary.

  Bing.alau 13:00 19 Sep 2012

pavvi. Yes, I also learned that at the time.

What set the tax man on to me is the amount of money I was putting in to the bank. At that time I wasn't drinking (a sort of sabbatical I think it's called), I have never smoked in my life, I was managing a pub and never went anywhere for night's out etc. I never had a holiday for over two years so I just wasn't spending money. The only things I had bought were a couple of cars in about five years. The very nice tax man just did not believe me.

So if it is any good as a warning to anybody keep your receipts and invoices and your bank statements so that you can marry them up when the dreaded man comes calling.

How's your career going by the way? Still good I hope.

  interzone55 13:46 19 Sep 2012

With First Direct I can print anything from the last couple of years online, before that I need to phone up and they'll send them for a fee of £5 which is not unreasonable as they do incur costs for account searches, printing & postage.

Used to be even worse in the old days, I remember my dad having to pay £10 for a backdated statement in the 80's...

  spuds 14:39 19 Sep 2012

Five pounds for a statement isn't all that bad, considering it wasn't all that long ago, when bank charges for letters were reaching the headlines as to the true cost. Even getting duplicate vehicle insurance certificates can cost £20 and possibly more, depending on the insurance policy terms and conditions.

Even my own GP practise has a notice about charging 50pence a sheet for copies of medical notes, or £20 for a GP signature. Obviously times are getting hard, for some?.

Luck wise, most of the banks and credit card companies that I deal with, offer computer print-outs at no charge, with any requests for duplicates in the post as a fee gatherer because of extra administration.

Regarding keeping copies, especially for Tax, then save them for at least 6 years, because this seems to be a standard used by many for collection, payment or offering advice. But having said that, my late mother was paying tax which she should have not done. The Inland Revenue at the time agreed that there was many years involved, but 'by law' they could only refund the excess tax back to a six year period, and so making my late mother's estate less on final settlement!.

  interzone55 16:30 19 Sep 2012

With regard to keeping statements for tax purposes - do they have to be paper, or could they be scanned in to something like paperport?

  Bing.alau 18:54 19 Sep 2012

I learned at the time that I could have gone back six years. However the Tax Man/Woman can go back as far as he/she likes.

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