Five pound notes

  JanetO 13:51 10 Aug 2008

I've just had a fiver returned by my local newsagent. He said the ones with George stevenson are not legal tender anymore.

Is he right? I'd never heard that.

  sunny staines 13:54 10 Aug 2008

take your trade elsewhere if he is awkward

  MAT ALAN 13:59 10 Aug 2008

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(Old £5 note features George Stephenson. Ceased to be legal tender on 21 November 2003)

Your newsagent is absolutely correct...

  sidecar sid 14:18 10 Aug 2008

Your bank may still accept the note as a deposit or exchange it.
If not the Bank of England will.
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  JanetO 14:33 10 Aug 2008

Thanks guys. I must have been abroad when it happened.

  Bingalau 15:19 10 Aug 2008

If you have any more and want to get rid of them I'll give you a quid for each of them....

  Legolas 16:50 10 Aug 2008

Ignore Bingalau's measly offer I'll give you £1.10 :))

  User2008 17:09 10 Aug 2008

I wasn't aware of that and regularly get £5 notes with Stevenson on them - that's in Belfast.

I had one yesterday and it was quite tatty & dirty so I bought a bottle of juice just to get the changed.

  Stuartli 23:02 10 Aug 2008

The strange thing about £5 notes is that, every so often, there's a shortage of them in circulation.

  User2008 23:05 10 Aug 2008

My wife when doing my laundry one day found 2 polymer fivers lying in the washing machine that had come out of my pockets. Had they have been paper notes they wouldn't have survived.

  Brumas 23:15 10 Aug 2008

Your secret is out - Money laundering ;o))

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