A Fishtank Question

  crosstrainer 19:04 27 Nov 2008

New fish in tank, I know the FE and others here can advise.

Now have: Bleeding heart Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, and 4 Plectostomus (small Known as blue moon fis)
4 Assassin snails, and 3 Congo Tetras (new today)

People tell me my next move is Angle's but want a peaceful tank.


  Forum Editor 19:21 27 Nov 2008

but they can be fin-nippers too, so be careful about putting anything with flowing fins in the tank. Keeping tropical fish is all about being aware of the need for all fish to feel secure, and knowing which ones are strongly territorial, and which ones are free swimmers.

Tetras feel safe in a shoal, so make sure you keep them in groups - the more the merrier as far as they're concerned. Angel fish will group together, but they're territorial fish, and they'll defend a spot against all comers - so give them some security by providing cover, they love tall plants .
Assassin snails are attractive, and they won't multiply like other snails - they lay eggs infrequently and in small quantities, and those will be eaten by your fish anyway. Make sure you keep the PH above 7 or your snails' shells will suffer.

Take it very slowly with a community tank, and resist the temptation to keep adding new fish varieties. A biggish shoal of Cardinals and/or neons, plus Angel fish and a few Plecostomus and snails would make a lovely show, and everyone will live happily ever after. If the Angels get really settled they'll breed, and if you see a female studying the sides of the tank very carefully give her a slab of slate, bedded vertically against the back of the tank, with some plant cover nearby. She'll reward you by sticking her eggs to the slate, and fanning them with her fins until they hatch - it's a fascinating process, but watch out for fireworks if another fish comes nosing in.

  crosstrainer 19:26 27 Nov 2008

I take onboard most of what you say, but have to disagree with you about Angles. They ned to be introuced in groups of at least 6.

As soon as they form pair bonds, the male fish will kill (they do this by going for the eyes of the other in the tank0

  Legolas 19:30 27 Nov 2008

What a brilliant reply to crosstrainers question. I used to have tropical fish but got rid of them about 5 years ago, following your reply and the othe TF thread started by crosstrainer I am very tempted to start up again.

  crosstrainer 19:33 27 Nov 2008

I take on board most of what you say, but have to disagree with you about Angles. They need to be introduced in groups of at least 6.

As soon as they form pair bonds, the male fish will kill (they do this by going for the eyes of the other in the tank.

At present, all fish have been added slowly, and will wait and see. I would like further suggestions on larger, peaceful fish to introduce n the new year.

You have to be very careful about PH values also. My tank is maintained naturally, and I will not use chemicals.

Result? I have to prune the plants once a week (they are huge) I prune when they touch the surface of the water.

Larger, non aggressive fish (I will be adding another 20 Cardinals next week) would be an idea but not Angels

  lofty29 19:51 27 Nov 2008

Glad to know that the tank is going well, I to would be careful about the angels, also avoid overstocking the tank, this can lead to all sorts of problems, and do not add too many fish at once, slowly, slowly is the best answer

  lofty29 19:57 27 Nov 2008
  sunnystaines 20:39 27 Nov 2008

iI would leave angels out they do like to nip the fins of timid fish.

there are two colour schemes for angels
1] mostly silver with black
2] more black than silver [smaller fish]

if going for angels go for the darker ones.

  peter99co 20:49 27 Nov 2008

We had angels because they are top feeders but kept small ones only, the reason was probably price though.

Dad made the point often about Top, Middle and Bottom feeders. It made for a good spread in the space available.

  john bunyan 20:52 27 Nov 2008

Don't forget to keep new fish in a quarantine tank for a couple of weeks after purchase.Black angels are nice.

  Forum Editor 22:55 27 Nov 2008

"They need to be introduced in groups of at least 6."

Hmm, not really. The ideal is either a single fish, or a group of four. They will certainly become aggressive when they have young, as I said earlier,but if you have a breeding pair you will be well advised to keep them in a separate tank. A good pair will produce a couple of hundred baby fish, or even more, and that isn't going to make for a happy community tank.

My point about PH was related to your assassin snails - they'll suffer from shell erosion if the PH drops much below 7 for any length of time.

All fish will show aggression in the right circumstances, especially if stressed. That's why it's important to keep certain fish - and Angels are a case in point - in a tank with a dark bottom substrate and a background image on the back of the tank - it makes your fish feel secure.

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