First web-rage attack ends up in court

  TOPCAT® 22:06 17 Oct 2006

First of its kind, say police, but it just goes to show how careful one has to be about disclosing too much personal detail in chatrooms and forums. TC.

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  Cymro. 12:51 18 Oct 2006

I bet there are some on this forum who occasionally feel angry enough to go in for something of this sort. Naming no names etc.

  lisa02 13:25 18 Oct 2006

Naming no names etc.

I bet they wouldn't, I like to see the best in people... and anyone like that would have shown their true colours before too long in here and the FE would have removed them before anything escalated to personal exchanges and beatings.

  medicine hat 13:43 18 Oct 2006

Rather silly to open your front door to two guys, one carrying a pickaxe handle and the other a machete. Clearly they weren't collecting for charity.

  €dstowe 14:45 18 Oct 2006

It wrong to honour this with its own definition - much like road-rage and supermarket-queue rage. It isn't. It's just people who have a short fuse and an anger problem - the same as any other person who loses their temper and becomes violent in less defined circumstances.

To try and define this as a specific psychological condition is ludicrous.

  Jackcoms 14:49 18 Oct 2006

Am I the only one who isn't surprised to note that the two perpetrators lived in 'sarf' London and Essex?

  egapup 15:24 18 Oct 2006

and that religeon was involved.

  it_girl 16:00 18 Oct 2006

There are a few people in this forum that rebuke members with their curt replies and they could easily be tracked down.For they have said far too much in the past!

"we know where you live" with the help of Google?

  johndrew 16:06 18 Oct 2006

".....weren't collecting for charity."

In some areas of the country persuasion is necessary to get deep pockets operative???!!!

  egapup 19:06 18 Oct 2006

Mind explaining what you said please.

  Quiller. 20:33 18 Oct 2006

it_girl = big chip on shoulder.

Is always moaning about one member or another.

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