For the first time ever

  pj123 15:58 26 Sep 2007

I have just watched an episode of Coronation Street.

What a load of rubbish.

How can anyone seriously watch this?

  spuds 16:00 26 Sep 2007

Many millions do world-wide ;o)

  Earthsea 16:01 26 Sep 2007

I don't seriously watch it, in fact I don't watch it at all. Or any other soaps come to that - they're all rubbish.

  Cymro. 16:04 26 Sep 2007

Coronation Street is just about the only soap that I see regularly. I am rather apt to see it as a comedy although I don`t think we are meant to.

  Riojaa 16:05 26 Sep 2007

pj123, I hate just to be in the room when a soap is on but I'm sure many could raise questions regarding the entertainment value of this forum.

It is each to their own in the end.

  lisa02 16:07 26 Sep 2007

Lighten up!

Nothing wrong with watching the 'soaps'.

Crikey, this smacks of the "Intellectual Snobbery" thread.

  Earthsea 16:14 26 Sep 2007

Riojaa, you provide more entertainment than any soap.

lisa02, it's to do with taste, and I don't like the taste of soap.

  wolfie3000 16:16 26 Sep 2007

I agree with Lisa02 on this,

I personally cant stand soap operas but many people enjoy them.

If you dont like them then dont watch,

Everyone has different tastes.
I like to watch old comedies such as The young ones and bottom but many hate them,

Its all about personal choice.

  pj123 16:22 26 Sep 2007

wolfie3000, If you dont like them then dont watch,

Obviously I don't watch. The title of the thread implies that.

  Riojaa 16:29 26 Sep 2007

Earthsea, that's very kind of you to say so.

You are right that it's to do with taste and it is certainly nothing to do with snobbery.

And it's similar to children sitting in their comfort zone, watching the same video over and over again.

  Forum Editor 16:32 26 Sep 2007

continuously for almost 50 years, and still attracts audiences of over 11 million viewers certainly didn't become that popular by being "a load of rubbish".

I don't watch Corrie, but I'm not knocking those who do. It's harmless, entertaining escapism, and everyone needs a bit of that in their lives.

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