First carol singers!

  canarieslover 18:57 03 Dec 2008

Doorbell rings. I said to the wife "I'll get it". Roar of laughter from her as "We wish you a merry christmas" greets me as I open the door. I told them they were a bit early for carols but gave them 50p for being cheeky little b"$*#%s. Hope they don't let their mates know I'm a soft touch.

  Bingalau 19:36 03 Dec 2008

50p? I don't think they will bother coming back...

  lofty29 19:59 03 Dec 2008

Have not had any yet, but last year a couple of youngsters came around using a boombox. Must not use the term we used to call them.

  laurie53 09:21 04 Dec 2008

Ho Hum! Obviously time to get into the Christmas spirit.

I'll have to get one of those "mosquito" boxes up at the front door.

  IClaudio 10:06 04 Dec 2008

A couple of years ago, my a cappella group was rehearsing for an upcoming Carol Concert - the doorbell rang and the two little boys standing there got the shock of their lives when the door opened and 8 adults sang 'Ding Dong Merrily' to them in perfect harmony :) (sadly, they didn't give us 50p!)

  Technotiger 19:23 08 Dec 2008
  Technotiger 19:27 08 Dec 2008

Hmm, sorry - that did not work out as I had hoped! It was supposed to be Santa and his Reindeers singing

Ah well - enjoy anyway!

  Legolas 20:28 08 Dec 2008

I get satan....sorry santa (i'm a bit dyslexic) and his reindeers singing

  canarieslover 20:29 08 Dec 2008

It worked for me and it was a much better 50p's worth than my first carol singers. Happy Christmas!!

  Bingalau 21:10 08 Dec 2008

Great little item, I still have it from last year but had forgotten, I will now forward it to all my "Bing" fans and a few others. Thanks for that.

  Technotiger 08:35 09 Dec 2008

Grreat, thanks for letting me know, it did work - verrry strange, when I looked at it on this forum I only got a blank white square where Santa should have been. I received it via email from a friend, thought it was great, so passed it on here!

Merry Christmas!

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