sunny staines 05:28 01 Nov 2006

click here

the link is about xp's firwall being hacked, I wondered do many people actually used windows firewalls if not what ones do you use.

I use norton on xp.
on vistabeta i use windows [nothing else available]
tried zonealarm & black ice in the past but they cause problems with the pc I was using.

  jimv7 05:31 01 Nov 2006

I use windows firewall as well as the routers firewall, not suffered with any problems.

  helmetshine 07:33 01 Nov 2006

Reading the article it seems it only affects machines running ICS,so if you connect thru a router and don't use ICS it won't affect you.It also seems that the attack would have to be launched from a machine on your own network anyway.That being the case, and knowing nothing about networking and very little about computers, a question springs to mind......if someone already had that sort of access to a machine on your LAN would they need to use this exploit anyway?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:47 01 Nov 2006

You have hit the nail on the head. It is yet more paranoid rubbish trotted out on a slow news day. You would already have to be in the network to do this and then why would you need to. Surely this is not an excerpt from an article that great defender of the free world, aka, Steve Gibson?


  Quiller. 09:56 01 Nov 2006

It seems to be resurrected from May of this year. click here

If you click on the comments at the bottom, you are directed to views from May.

Slow news day as per GANDALF <|:-)>?

  Quiller. 09:58 01 Nov 2006

They have now changed the days to October, they must have had a glitch.

  sunny staines 19:09 01 Nov 2006

I was unaware this was a crap article at the time of posting, good intentions at the time.

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