Firefox is great but...

  jz 21:46 24 Feb 2005

The one feature that IE has that I miss is you can't right-click a web page, choose 'View source' and edit the HTML. You can view the source, and since the syntax is highlighted in different colours it's a lot clearer than in IE, but you can't edit it. Unless someone knows a workaround???

Otherwise I much prefer Firefox over IE. No problems with online banking (Nationwide).

  octal 21:59 24 Feb 2005

The way I do it is to save the page and either use a web page editor to edit in html or change the file extension to txt and edit it in notepad.

  octal 22:04 24 Feb 2005

Incidentally, I right clicked on this page and picked view page source and I can view the source OK and edit it if I want, is this what you mean?

click here

  octal 22:06 24 Feb 2005

No you can't edit it in FF, I was wrong, but try my other methods.

  jz 23:09 24 Feb 2005

Thanks Octal. Yes I could do as you say, but it's easier to find the .HTML file with Windows Explorer then edit it in Notepad.

One problem with using View Source in IE and editing the HTML page is that if you forget that it's a live webpage on a web server and edit it in Notepad then save it, you can do this, but the saved info is lost since it's a temporary file. I occasionally used to think I was editing one of my HTML files on my C drive, not realising I was viewing the one on the website, so all the changes I made were lost.

  herc182 06:50 25 Feb 2005

where did u get that windows theme? i want it!

  octal 08:05 25 Feb 2005

You can get that theme if you go to Tools, Themes and in the box which opens click on get more themes, the one you're looking for is Plastikfox SVG It matches the rest of my system which is based on the Linux KDE theme. This is the direct link:

click here

  octal 10:38 25 Feb 2005

Sorry, I just reread the threads, my "Windows" system is Xandros Linux. That's probably what you were refering to.

click here

  Belatucadrus 18:08 25 Feb 2005

click here may be worth a look

  Dorsai 18:31 25 Feb 2005

For me not being able to edit the source code is not a consideration, as I wouldn't know what to do with the HTML code, even if I could...

  octal 18:46 25 Feb 2005

jz probably wants to further their knowledge of HTML by seeing how its done on working web sites, I do the same if I see something interesting or I'm not sure how to do something. Web sites are a great resource for codes, why re-invent the wheel?

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