Firefox 1.0 has come of age.

  LastChip 23:40 09 Nov 2004

Mozilla announced today, the final version of Firefox is now available click here

After more than 8 million downloads of the pre-release version, click here some commentators are expecting even higher numbers for the final version.

The above link suggested the site wasn't working earlier today, however, I downloaded the program a few moments ago without any problems.

  Forum Editor 23:53 09 Nov 2004

by the look of it. The servers were having a hard time keeping pace earlier.

We already have another thread on the same subject somewhere as well.

  Dorsai 19:09 10 Nov 2004

I Got the pre-release version when it came out, and as it seems to work fine, i will wait for the initial rush to die down, and the server to catch it's digital breath.

but get it i will.

Unless i see a rash of posts here saying it dont work.

  Forum Editor 19:10 10 Nov 2004

just fine.

  iambeavis 19:40 10 Nov 2004

If you get the message that your theme or extensions are not compatible then a quick fiddle in "about:config" might fix it - it did for me anyway.

  throwitoutthewindow 20:14 10 Nov 2004

I got the pre release version. how do I update? Is there a button ont eh rpe release button or do I have to go to the site and do it myself.

Only used it for a few days and it is better than IE. More user friendly and intutitive.

  iambeavis 20:19 10 Nov 2004
  Dorsai 20:25 10 Nov 2004

Just fine..

Good. Once the rush dies down, i will get. I am not a 'get the lastest thing now' person. I dont mind waiting. But i still get it. But once the queue has gone. Mayhaps tomorrow, perhaps friday.

A new toy, yipee.

  throwitoutthewindow 20:31 10 Nov 2004


thanks just downloaded and it installed over the pre release version fine. No problem getting onto site and dwonloading.

  LastChip 20:38 10 Nov 2004

The most important thing, is to un-install your previous version first and then install the new.

If you navigate to where you put Firefox, probably, C:\Programs\Mozilla Firefox and click on the "uninstall" folder, you will find an Uninstall icon. Double-click that to un-install the parts of the program that are necessary and then double-click your new down-loaded program, to install the new to the same folder(s) (default).

Using this procedure, you maintain your Profile, all your Bookmarks and so on.

  LastChip 20:44 10 Nov 2004

They always used to say, un-install and then install new.

While I was writing the above, you had already carried out the installation, apparently, without a hitch.

Perhaps that's one of the bugs that fixed in version 1.0!

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