Fire In Cornwall

  PalaeoBill 19:16 18 Aug 2007

In a meeting of Cornwall County Council in June, there was a fierce debate over cuts to the Cornwall Fire Service. A month before that hundreds of fire fighters and their families marched through Truro to protest at the proposed cuts.

Last night a hotel in Newquay burned to the ground.

"Chief fire officer Matt Littmoden revealed the landing platform that was used to get access to higher floors had to travel around 50 miles from Plymouth as the two in Cornwall were being repaired." Daily Mail

They haven't made the proposed cuts get. The council postponed the decision. What do we have to do to get proper funding for essential services?

  Al94 22:31 18 Aug 2007

Seems like you make a fair point click here In the height of the tourist season, seems like a major resort should have suitable local cover.

  Jak_1 22:52 18 Aug 2007

Knowing what Cornwall County Council and Caradon District Council are like, the only thing you can do is make your voice heard in the next local elections.

  WhiteTruckMan 23:01 18 Aug 2007

What do we have to do to get proper funding for essential services?


(its called bolting the stable door....etc)



  TopCat® 23:04 18 Aug 2007

I should not hold out much hope for help from any of the councils in Cornwall, including the County Council, now plans are underway to form a unitary authority there. All our councils will soon no longer exist and many staff are already seeking employment elsewhere.

I deplore the cuts in our fire service and I also think it is long overdue that these hotels in the county, and elsewhere, are legally obliged to have sprinkler systems installed. TC.

  Forum Editor 23:10 18 Aug 2007

had to travel fifty miles does seem wrong, but there seems to have been no shortage of other appliances - at one stage there were fourteen fire appliances on the scene.

I haven't seen any suggestion that the delay in getting the landing platform on scene made any material difference to the outcome.

I'm not arguing with your core point - just adding some clarification before someone gets the wrong impression.

  TopCat® 23:47 18 Aug 2007

If not, scroll down to this area:

"Cornwall's chief fire officer, Matt Littmoden, admitted that a spare aerial ladder, vital in tackling multi-storey fires, had to be driven from Plymouth....."

There will be one helluva stink over this tragedy once all the true facts are in. TC.

  Forum Editor 23:55 18 Aug 2007

No, I didn't read all of the text in the link - especially the part that said two locally-based aerial platforms were both out of action, undergoing repair.

There has been loss of life in this fire, and in the circumstances I think it would be best if we did not indulge in speculation about what might or might not have happened if the a platform had been available locally. There will be an enquiry, and none of us has access to the full facts.

  Earthsea 00:18 19 Aug 2007

But depends who you believe click here

I'm optimistic.

  spuds 14:42 19 Aug 2007

The problem with most emergency services is the lack of ground root experience, by the people who now actually manage these vast organisation.

We had an incident a couple of years ago, when our local Fire Service purchased some new latest designed very expensive fire tenders. On initial call-outs, it was found that some of the crews were arriving at a fire or emergency scene, feeling very nauseated, and in some cases unfit to work correctly. It was eventually found after much time consuming debates, that the vehicles required major modifications due to suspension and crew loading problems.

Recently our ambulance service control rooms, were moved to another county, all for the sake of supposed cost cutting. In the old days, you requested help from a local knowledged operator, try doing that now. I did a few months ago on a very cold and wet day, when a gentleman had a nasty fall in one of our local parks. Not only did the operator not know where the park was (using local directions), but it took twenty five minutes and two emergency calls before the ambulance eventually arrived. Even our 'local' tourist information department is run from a call centre about 200 miles from the area.If the information is not on the screen, then your enquiry is a non-starter.

  PalaeoBill 15:32 19 Aug 2007

I wasn't trying to imply that the lack of landing platform was in any way responsible for the death. I apologize if anyone read that from my post.

I am just outraged that we have an under resourced brigade and the council still wants to impose cuts and close fire stations in Cornwall. Their argument is that nearby fire stations will be able to take up the cover (and they include Plymouth in the description of nearby). If you have driven on Cornish roads, especially in Restormel where my family live the thought that an appliance may have to come from Bodmin is bad enough never mind Plymouth.

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