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Fire Alarm problem, experienced and solved

  wee eddie 17:29 11 Feb 2020

I have a four year old FireAngel Alarm, with a guaranteed Ten Year life span, sited at the very highest point in the house, the top of the Stair Well.

At 4.00am this morning it started "Beeping", about once every minute. As you can imagine, I was most amused.

I got out the ladder and took it down, stuck it in the kitchen and closed the door. After a while it stopped beeping but I was wide awake by then.

So, onto Google.

I found that many modern Fire Alarms start a signal, similar to a low battery, if they get too cold.

Now, it's not that cold at the present but, because of the high winds causing drafts, the air in the house has been well stirred up. Normally, as the hot air rises, even though I allow temperatures to drop in the middle of the night, it doesn't get chilled.

However, last night it did.

So, if your Fire Alarm starts bleeping on a windy night, there may not be a fire. It's just in need of a little TLC, and a hot water bottle!

  hastelloy 08:29 12 Feb 2020

I had 2 of these which did exactly the same. I rang the company and was asked to send photos of the backs of the units. When I had done this they sent me 2 replacements free of charge.

  john bunyan 08:42 12 Feb 2020

Low battery is a common cause. We have a couple of such units , and CO alarms. The fire warning one in our hall , next to the front door on one side and the kitchen on the other , sometimes goes off if the kitchen door is open whilst cooking toast etc and we have to open the front door quickly.

  Aitchbee 09:42 12 Feb 2020

New fire and smoke alarms regulations will affect ALL domestic premises in Scotland from Feb 2021 and require that alarms are interlinked either hard-wired or radio-controlled.

click here

  Brian Hamilton 10:16 12 Feb 2020

Already got around that problem, stuck in three wired Google Nest Protect Gen 2 Detectors.

  Aitchbee 10:39 12 Feb 2020

I live in a block of flats, [where integrated alarms will have to be fitted on seperate landings] so I suspect my Housing Association will be 'in charge' of installing and testing the new devices. [should be fun]

  Forum Editor 17:55 13 Feb 2020

"I found that many modern Fire Alarms start a signal, similar to a low battery, if they get too cold."

The Fire Angel heat alarm normally has a battery with a design life span of five years. If yours is four years old it may be nearing the end. The exception is the linked wireless alarms(see below) - they have a ten year battery life.

In any case, if you are relying on one device at the top of a house you would be better off with a smoke alarm. Heat alarms are excellent in kitchens (where you should not fit a smoke alarm), but by the time a downstairs fire generated enough heat to trigger a heat alarm at the top of a house the fire would probably have got a good hold.

By far the best solution is to have linked mains alarms on each level - when one sounds they all do - but there is obviously a cost penalty to that, apart from the aesthetic implications of running mains cables between them. A compromise is wireless linked alarms. Fire Angel do those, but they are obviously more costly than the normal type.

  wee eddie 18:37 13 Feb 2020

On the Case it says that it's a combined Heat and Smoke Alarm with a Guaranteed 10 year battery life (I didn't go for CO, as there no gas in the house). Also it's less than 10 feet from the kitchen door.

I shall consider a Mains Powered System (with Backup Batteries) during my next redecoration phase.

  john bunyan 20:19 13 Feb 2020

wee eddie

See my earlier post. If it’s that near the kitchen door, keep it closed if making toast or other things that generate a bit of a cooking smell. Ours triggers on from time to time if a bit of toast etc is overdone and the kitchen door is open to the hall

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