Fines for middle lane hoggers

  Al94 12:56 05 Jun 2013

So there are plans to introduce on the spot fines for middle lane hoggers and mobile phone users - fine but how on earth will this be policed? I certainly don't have to drive very far to see someone with a phone stuck to their ear! On the subject of middle lane hoggers - how big a problem is this really? I haven't much driven on UK three lane motorways for several years, slow lanes tended to be bigger stuff, slow moving cars and some caravans, if someone is hogging the middle lane, overtake them in the fast lane, travelling at around the legal maximum I would be in the middle lane much of the time to avoid the slow stuff. It's a much bigger problem in Ireland where the motorway network is mostly two lane. Here outside lane hoggers are a real menace (also on dual carriageways and wider 4 lane roads as they sit there daydreaming or maybe turning right several miles down the road! This leads to frustration and undercutting which is, I would have thought, a much bigger issue than middle lane hogging?

  Quickbeam 13:41 05 Jun 2013

It's one of those things that sounds good at face value, but in practice not so easy to implement properly or fairly.

  Forum Editor 13:47 05 Jun 2013

Far worse than middle lane hogs in my opinion are tailgaters. Every time I use the M25 my blood pressure rises anyway, but it hits the red zone when one of the culprits sits a few feet from the back of my car at 70 mph.

I hope the Police have enough resources to enforce the new rules, but somehow I doubt it.

  Aitchbee 13:50 05 Jun 2013

I foresee some sort of 'lane dividers' on long stretches of multi-laned motorway, so that overtaking 'n' undertaking will only be allowed at limited points. Is this feesible?

  Forum Editor 13:57 05 Jun 2013


"overtaking 'n' undertaking will only be allowed at limited points. Is this feesible?"

No, it's not feasible. It would be extremely dangerous.

  wiz-king 13:57 05 Jun 2013

Aitchbee so what happens if you break down?

  Aitchbee 14:23 05 Jun 2013

FE and wiz-king, I was thinking along the lines of non-physical 'lane dividers' like laser or some other means of 'smart' demarcation which would encourage / keep drivers in the appropriate lane. As someone has already pointed out it will be very difficult to police this proposed plan.

  Quickbeam 14:38 05 Jun 2013

Like the hated speed cameras that can only show any condition at any single fleeting moment, they don't give a true picture of the drivers general standard or intent of the driver. Tailgating cameras were tried in Israel, but turned out a failure using still cameras for that reason.

Cameras that seemed to indicate that cars were tailgating at the time of the images being recorded, compared to a video of the incidents, could show that a car jamming itself into a dangerous non-gap in front of another was in fact the true offence.

So unless the police will have huge resources to investigate suspected offences with video proof, it's a non-starter that one.

  Quickbeam 14:46 05 Jun 2013


"I was thinking along the lines of non-physical 'lane dividers' like laser or some other means of 'smart' demarcation which would encourage / keep drivers in the appropriate lane"

I think it was in Italy (I haven't driven abroad for a decade now), where for a hundred meters or so before and after a motorway, exit and entry, you're not allowed to cross a continuous white line into the nearside lane used for exiting and entry to prevent the late exiting causing moving traffic to brake, and over zealous entry onto the outer lanes, causing that moving traffic to take avoiding action.

That worked very well and only cost paint on the road to impliment.

  Quickbeam 14:50 05 Jun 2013

And lets not forget reginald Molehusband's contribution to raod safety.

In the '60s there were lots of those little public awareness ads that included examples of Reggies awful driving standards.

As an 8/10 year old, those amusing little ads stuck in my mind for when I started to drive. And god help dad if he did a Reggie while he was driving with us kids in the car!

  bumpkin 14:54 05 Jun 2013

If you drive in the middle lane at 70 overtaking lorries etc. there always seems to be someone a few feet behind you telling you to get out of their way. Why don't they use the outside lane if that impatient. Good idea but hard to enforce.

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