Fined For Wearing Burkha

  carver 17:26 05 May 2010

Just seen this click here_ and wondered how long before something similar happens here.

  hssutton 17:29 05 May 2010

Should her husband be put on trial for imprisonment Assuming he does what he says?

  Al94 17:30 05 May 2010

That's what happens when you break the laws of a country.

  peter99co 17:33 05 May 2010

Comments have been made to keep the husbands in the house and then we will have Paradise.

  Forum Editor 17:35 05 May 2010

What an absurd attitude. Never mind what the woman might want - it's all about an archaic system of the domination of women by men. There's no room for it in a modern society, and I hope we soon have a similar law.

  Noldi 17:40 05 May 2010

"We are for the freedom of women and against veils of any kind and Italian laws must be respected."

Is the quote from Islamic Community religious leaders in Italy, so they are not over reacting.

From what I understand is the Burkha is tribal dress rather than a religious garment.


  Uboat 17:43 05 May 2010

FE i couldnt aggree more with you! ive got muslim friends some that demand there wive's wear the Burkha & some that dont!, also my neighbour is a muslim & they often have a group of about 25 women that come from bradford too there house & ALL the women are wearing it all you can see is there eyes!

on the other hand a guy that i dont know much of through a friend demands his wife wear it & yet he looks at other women & has had affairs.?..this law should be brought into power asap! give these women more freedom over there husbands.. ALthough ive heard its NOT manditory for them too wear it a large amount of them are forced to by there husbands

  jakimo 17:50 05 May 2010

I was in Debenhams having a coffee when 2 people sat at the table next to me,one was a slim woman (presumably) covered from head to foot in black,wearing gloves,even the eyes were covered with a mesh fabric..her appearance made me feel very uncomfortable to say the least.

  bremner 17:51 05 May 2010

Xenophobia raising its head yet again.

click here

  Forum Editor 18:04 05 May 2010

Why on earth did you feel uncomfortable - what was so scary about a woman with her face covered?

  wee eddie 18:24 05 May 2010

However I think that, apart from enforcing the Law which includes the wearing of Motor Cycle Helmets in Security Sensitive Areas, we should do nothing else.

I think that 'time' will eventually solve the problem, maybe a generation or so but that's not really that long to wait.

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