Fined and tagged for selling a Goldfish

  birdface 10:44 31 Mar 2010

Fined and tagged for selling a Goldfish.
What next I wonder.

Fined and tagged for selling a Goldfish

  birdface 10:45 31 Mar 2010

Oops forgot this.

click here

  Quickbeam 10:56 31 Mar 2010

A bit of a lack of common sense, I think that the law was intended to tackle the sale of animals that need a degree of personal care. A goldfish just needs the odd pinch of food and occasional water maintenance.

I'd compare it to selling a tin of Ben Shaws shandy to a schoolboy, not what the law was intend for.

  folsom 11:01 31 Mar 2010

Are you really surprised? The laws in this country beggar belief sometimes.

  jakimo 11:18 31 Mar 2010

remember the time when a win at the fairground was a goldfish in a plastic bag,poor thing was usually dead by the time you got it home,although the cat always appreciated your stroke of luck.

  birdface 11:19 31 Mar 2010

My grand daughter just turned 13yrs and she could actually pass for a 17-18 year old when she is done up.
A warning might have more appropriate but I think this action was a bit extreme.

  Forum Editor 11:28 31 Mar 2010

it seems that the council decided to send the boy into the shop as a result of other complaints that this woman had sold animals to under-age children. There was also a story about an injured Cockatiel in a cage, and a Gerbil allegedly sold to a young girl with learning difficulties. The Gerbil died when it was placed in a disposable coffee cup with the lid on.

It's unusual for a local authority to prosecute a shopkeeper on the basis of a single report or incident.

  Cara2 11:34 31 Mar 2010

To be fair, there was more to the story than that.

The shop had already been reported for selling live animals to underage persons which is why a test purchase was made.

In addition, a cockatiel with a broken leg and eye problems was spotted. This had to be put down.

Goldfish, like any other living creatures deserve a quality of life. (To be able to win them at fairs was always disgusting in my mind. As has been said, they were nearly always doomed).

  interzone55 12:16 31 Mar 2010

There's a simple lesson to be learnt here.


There's always huge chunks of the story missing so as to point all blame at the present government or the EU.

As was the case with the recent story about the boy allegedly stuck up a tree when he wasn't.

by the way, it's totally legal to sell a can of Ben Shaws shandy to a schoolboy, or indeed schoolgirl, as it's less than 0.5% alcohol...

  Kevscar1 12:25 31 Mar 2010

I think this is an early April Fool and you lot have fallen for it.
You do not get tagged and given a curfew for this sort of think. I doubt she is selling animals to under age persons at 2 in the morning.

  michaelw 12:46 31 Mar 2010

Well, I for one feel a lot safer that our tax payers money is supporting trading standards in this efficient and worthy way. It's much better for them to sting little old ladies selling goldfish than prosecute all the cowboys traders ripping of pensioners.

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