Fine for speeding first ever

  martd7 13:48 20 May 2014

Ive just been notified i will be fined £100 plus 3 penalty points or be sent on a safety awareness course which if im invited and attend will not receive the penalty points

Very unlucky 34mph in a 30 zone,a straight road past supermarket and retail centre on one side and houses on the other set back about 100ft from the road

First ever fine,i thought there was a bit of leeway due to speed gun\car speedo not being 100% in sync?

  carver 10:57 29 May 2014

Beta it's not about who recommends doing what and when it was about a driving examiner failing someone for not keeping in 3rd gear at 30 mph.

Extract taken from RoSPA site, "The most appropriate gear to use when driving at 30 mph will depend on your engine size".

The same is true of the Official IAM site, the instuctor I asked is also an Advanced instructor and there is no hard and fast rules about using 3rd gear.

Imagine if every one in the country used 3rd gear at 30 mph there could be a 25 % increase in fuel use over night.

  carver 11:25 29 May 2014

mart7 if you do get offered a speed awareness course take it, it's about 4 hours of being told what a naughty person you are.

You will find that nearly every body on that course is the same as you, just over the limit and you will get everyone from just having a few months driving experience to someone in their eighties on it.

I had to attend after being caught doing 64mph in a 70mph zone.

A morning or afternoon course can now generates up to £2000 a time split between the private firm running the course (AA seem to run a lot) and the police.

  BRYNIT 11:50 29 May 2014

Carver if you were "caught doing 64mph in a 70mph zone" was it because you were going too slow :)

  carver 12:33 29 May 2014

BRYNIT I was taking a horse to a veterinary hospital in my 7.5t horse box, it had a bad case of colic and had to be there ASAP, and the A64 had a mobile camera set up on a downhill stretch and caught me doing 64 on a duel carriageway that had a 70 speed limit.

Best part was I was trying to pass a car that was doing 55mph before the road started going uphill and he speeded up as I got level with the idiot.

Never mind, horse got operated on within 10 minutes of arriving and survived and is still being loved by his owner 20 months on.

  carver 12:42 29 May 2014

*BRYNIT * I was just about to go out when your statement about going too slow reminded me of being in Germany about 10 years ago when I did get stopped for driving too slow.

It was before I had a sat nav and we just got lost and slowed down a bit to try to find out were we where on the motorway when I had the police pull me to tell me to speed up.

I could not speak German and his English was enough to tell me not to argue with him.

  bumpkin 12:53 29 May 2014

A little Hitler I take it.

  carver 15:16 29 May 2014

bumkin that was one thing I was not going to say, when you are being advised by someone who has a gun in plain sight that driving slowly can cause an accident you don't argue.

  bumpkin 15:34 29 May 2014

Not a good idea I agree. Men with guns don't need to speak your language to make themselves understood:-)

  Macscouse 16:34 29 May 2014

Takes me back to Paris 1966 - travelling to SHAPE HQ in a Landrover, driving through one of those awful underpasses, sticking rigidly to the 60KPH speed limit. Pulled over for obstructing the traffic and stuck with a 10 franc fine. Luckily, we all travelled with a stock of Duty frees just for such an occasion, so 3 packs of Rothmans fags lighter, I went on my merry way. De Gaulles Gendarmes were not the nicest of police in those days.

  pavvi 23:46 29 May 2014

Do bear i mind that vans and towing vehicles have a different speed limit than cars in a National Speed Limit for dual carriageways. I believe that this is what Carver is referring to.

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