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Fine for speeding first ever

  martd7 13:48 20 May 2014

Ive just been notified i will be fined £100 plus 3 penalty points or be sent on a safety awareness course which if im invited and attend will not receive the penalty points

Very unlucky 34mph in a 30 zone,a straight road past supermarket and retail centre on one side and houses on the other set back about 100ft from the road

First ever fine,i thought there was a bit of leeway due to speed gun\car speedo not being 100% in sync?

  bumpkin 15:03 20 May 2014

My wife did the awareness course and quite enjoyed it. Her fine was £60 and the course at the time £73 but no points so worth it.

  martd7 15:20 20 May 2014

Im unable to do the speed awareness course due to looking after my dad,not so bothered about the fine even though it used to be £60 its now a £100 ,its the points on my licence i am not happy about

  lotvic 15:39 20 May 2014

If ever anyone needed to do the safety awareness course it's you.

Be thankful your thread is not entitled: Fine for speeding, ran over first ever child because couldn't stop in time. Stopping Distance chart

30mph stopping distance 90ft

35mph stopping distance 112.5ft

  onthelimit1 15:41 20 May 2014

I believe the allowance is 10% - so, in a 30 MPH zone, anything over 33 is an offence. I was done for 35MPH and did the course. It's only half a day so, if you could manage that, it will save you the three points. There is some argument about whether or not you have to advise your insurer. At the time I did the course (2 yrs ago) we were told that they must know if you collect points, but not if you attend a course.

  Forum Editor 15:42 20 May 2014

"....its the points on my licence i am not happy about"

Then do the course. I would not bother trying to argue with the speed camera (if that's how you were caught) because you will not have grounds on which to rely. You were travelling in excess of the limit.

  martd7 15:47 20 May 2014


,not denying the offence just find it harsh been 4mph over the limit

  martd7 15:50 20 May 2014


cannot do the speed awareness course as ive explained

  martd7 15:54 20 May 2014


yes thats what i will do just pay the fine,ive informed my insurers but they have said 3points is a minor offence and will not be taken into consideration until my policy renews in September

  martd7 16:02 20 May 2014


i was speaking to a friend few days ago who had been on a speed awareness course,the ex police traffic officer running the course advised everyone not to inform their insurance company of the course as their premiums are likely to increase and its not a legal obligation,i thought he was having me on but having read your link, clearly hes not

  bumpkin 16:23 20 May 2014

I can't imagine 3 points making much difference to your insurance if any. You should take the course if you can but you have explained otherwise so just pay the fine and consider yourself lucky it is the only one you have ever had.

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