Fine How-do-you-Do

  Seth Haniel 08:45 29 Jan 2010

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People who administer bone-crushing handshakes to prove the strength of their personalities should be charged with assault, says a Labour MP.

  Quickbeam 09:04 29 Jan 2010

I'll bet he has one of those wimpy effeminate handshakes with sweaty palms...

  gengiscant 09:08 29 Jan 2010

And people who want to air kiss you on meeting you should have their lips stapled together.
I absolutely loathe this practice which is becoming more and more prevalent.

I as a grumpy old man am blatantly rude should anyone who is not my wife or granddaughter who try this pseudo greeting on me.

  Quickbeam 09:25 29 Jan 2010

My sister married an Italian in '74. My dad and me found this cheek kissing quite, well, odd. We got used to it eventually...

  gengiscant 10:12 29 Jan 2010

I have no wish to get used to it, thanks all the same.

  peter99co 12:31 29 Jan 2010

Eskimo and Maori greetings are out then!

  ronalddonald 21:22 29 Jan 2010

agree they should charged with assault, supposing you had a very bad calcium problem and somebody damaged your hand as a result form a handshake or you were disabled and couldn't communicate the fact you had a calcium problem and hence your left with some broken bones in your hand

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