Finally we are to have a new government.

  Forum Editor 19:25 11 May 2010

In my lifetime I cannot recall a time when there was so much speculation, so much anticipation over who will govern, and how they will do it.

Gordon Brown is resigning this evening, with some dignity I must say, and we'll soon have Prime Minister Cameron - no doubt with a Cabinet of Conservative and Liberal Democrat Ministers.

Perhaps now we can all get on with the job of working our way out of our economic difficulties.

  peter99co 19:33 11 May 2010

George and Vince will have to do a lot of work to sort out the mess and I hope they are up to it.

  morddwyd 19:35 11 May 2010

As I posted elsewhere, Clegg's shilly shallying reflects no credit upon him at all.

Go for the better deal by all means, but his wavering was degrading.

  wiz-king 19:40 11 May 2010

I have some feelings of sympathy for the new Prime Minister. Not only can he not do what he wants to do in some departments but he will now find all the skeletons haunting the No 10 and 11 cupboards.
If he wants my advice - he probably doesn't - he will do nothing for a few weeks.

  csqwared 19:42 11 May 2010

"Clegg's shilly shallying reflects no credit upon him at all."

I don't quite see it like that. You follow this comment by saying he should go for the best deal and I think that's exactly right. As a country we need to get out of the shambles we currently enjoy and if an agreement can be reached between, lets not forget, opposing parties over the policies which can be beneficial I think a degree of caution is acceptable. I much prefer that to them waiting until government is formed and then struggling to agree on the way forward.

  jakimo 19:43 11 May 2010

Nick Clegg finely saw the light,and to his credit made the right decision

  hssutton 19:44 11 May 2010

"George and Vince will have to do a lot of work to sort out the mess and I hope they are up to it"

There is already speculation that George will be dropped in favour of Ken Clarke to help pacify the Lib-Dems

  bremner 19:47 11 May 2010

I thought Clegg handled himself pretty well.

It appears that surprise surprise he wanted to get the best deal he could for the LD's.

Portraying this as shilly shallying and wavering is disingenuous.

  morddwyd 19:54 11 May 2010

We shall see how well he did when we calculate the Lib Dem share of the vote at the next election.

  bremner 20:00 11 May 2010

Now it is a totally different matter and only time will tell.

In order for Nick Clegg to complete a deal, he has to get 75% of his mp's to back it and the same with the parties ruling federal committee. If he fails, it has to go to the full party membership or pull out and let the tories try their luck with a minority government.

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