Final TV debate

  Uboat 21:54 29 Apr 2010

Just watching it & i'm still feeling the hostility towards GB he just doesnt convince me he's the man!

  peter99co 22:08 29 Apr 2010

I have just watched Best of Being Framed and he wasn't on it.

  Devil Fish 22:44 29 Apr 2010

good to see them having a go but not really convinced by any of them

add to that our local representatives have been conspicuous by their absence since parliament was disolved, Living in a marginal seat labour by 37 votes i thought they would be kicking the door in to get their policies across but nothing and they wonder why their is voter apathy

  Uboat 23:59 29 Apr 2010

The polls suggest Cons 35% Libs 33% & labour 26%...When was the last time Labour came last.?

  Forum Editor 00:32 30 Apr 2010

and we all know about a week in politics. The time to start paying attention to poll results is the day before the election.

  Quickbeam 00:53 30 Apr 2010

I went to see a band... that was better... by far.. I presume... I can't believe otherwise... surely?

They had a red hot sax player... better than sax if you ask me...

I'm going to bed... now.

  DieSse 01:55 30 Apr 2010

"i thought they would be kicking the door in to get their policies across but nothing and they wonder why their is voter apathy"

Do you have any idea how many doors there are in an average constituency - and how difficult it is for any party to recruit people to do this?

If you want to know - find out - there's masses around, including on the web. If you have a vote, surely you have some responsibility in the process - it's not all down to "them".

  sunnystaines 07:11 30 Apr 2010

did not watch it, still unsure getting fed up with it all, eliminated two parties but unsure about the third or to go for one of the smaller ones.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:44 30 Apr 2010

'he just doesnt convince me he's the man!'....hate to be sarcastic but if people have not made up their minds after 4+ years and are influenced by a staged debate, there really is no hope for democracy or intelligent contribution to the voting process. This is not rocket science.


  Grey Goo 10:00 30 Apr 2010

The only policies that they can produce are the ones that nobody wants to hear. Could this be the reason for the coyness. If we assume Cash Gordon fails on May 6th the winner will be a very brave man indeed as he and his Party will take the full brunt of the inevitable fiscal hammering of the fair and not so fair citizens of this screwed nation.

  Quickbeam 10:12 30 Apr 2010

for whoever wins according the the governor of The Bank of England click here

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