Final Harrier Flight to-day

  peter99co 09:06 15 Dec 2010
  birdface 09:47 15 Dec 2010

It makes you wonder what side David Cameron is on.
He is certainly not batting for us.
And watching him on television he looks a bit Paranoid at times.
Just wondering if the pressure of the job is getting to much for him.
No harm in wanting to get all of our armed forces out of foreign countries but he has to leave us some protection.

  Quickbeam 09:47 15 Dec 2010

Now we're as vulnerable and impotent as a squire forced to sell his sword for bread.

  timsmith259 14:15 15 Dec 2010

Its kinda of funny it was a conservative government when it was made and produced at British Aerospace Kingston Upon Thames where my dad worked. and its a tory government scrapping them just to a bob or two which leaves us no planes that can land vertically shame on you cameron

  timsmith259 14:16 15 Dec 2010

i hope cameron that the very cuts your making come back to haunt you

  onthelimit 14:58 15 Dec 2010

Bear in mind most of these cabs are 40 yrs old, so probably running out of fatigue life. Add to that , they were designed for cold war ops where the ability to operate from a remote location was desirable. Admit that it leaves a hole as far as sea-borne attack aircraft are concerned.

  kieronkirk 15:14 15 Dec 2010

The Harrier GR9A's and T11's are most certainly not 40 years old.

They were upgraded from the GR5 and T10 which first flew in the early 80's and early 90.s respectively.

A/c built using composite materials have a far longer fatigue life than those built from aluminium alloys.


  peter99co 15:22 15 Dec 2010

Come back to haunt you? You had better hope not because you might have to go and 'do your bit' if it does.

As I said in another post you do post some Twoddle.

  kieronkirk 15:23 15 Dec 2010

The first Harrier GR5 first flew on 30th April 1985.

The first Harrier T10 first flew on 7th April 1994.


  peter99co 15:28 15 Dec 2010

They were for use in areas where runways were not available. It was later they came to be used on carriers. I see them being replaced by drones
in future.

I was very moved at an airshow when one 'bowed' in front of 'me' I was speechless for sometime after. Amazing sight to remember.

  dagbladet 16:23 15 Dec 2010


The Chinook always gives a lovely bow to the crowd as well. For a thundering muscle machine, she can be almost graceful in the right hands. Almost.

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