Filter issue on Amazon search

  Gummomarx 12:54 12 Jul 2019

When I search for e.g. Caterpillar boots and then filter the result by price (low-high), I get three pages. But, when I filter by high-low, I get 26 pages.

Anyone know why this is?

  Old Deuteronomy 16:08 12 Jul 2019

Amazon's search is often hopeless, you just have to learn how to work with it. Sometimes a small change to your search terms will help and, sometimes using searching with a search engine, eg Google, will find things on Amazon more effectively. Using a search engine, rather than a site's own search facility, can work better with other online retailer's sites too.

  mrgrumpy 17:05 12 Jul 2019

pc worlds site is just as bad , you type in what you want and it lists what you want plus shows things that are not relevant to your current search.

I think the problem is how the databases are built up , if you don't type exactly what somebody wanted you to type you wont find what you are looking for.

EXAMPLE.... before maplins stores shut I used to get canned air from them , if you typed canned air it would say product not found , if you typed air dusters it would find what you wanted straight away.

  morddwyd 10:12 13 Jul 2019

Why not ask Amazon rather than us?

  Gummomarx 11:43 13 Jul 2019

Well, morddwyd, I like to check my sanity, simultaneous to locking horns with a global giant. The Amazon reps suggested trying Chrome instead of Firefox, so I did that along with IE.

Chrome and IE returned 7 pages on a high-low sort but 3 on a low-high.

The reps couldn't understand the reason for it and alleged that they'd fire off an email to their system people. I find it hard to believe the issue hadn't been encountered before now.

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