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Filter issue on Amazon search

  Gummomarx 12:54 12 Jul 2019

When I search for e.g. Caterpillar boots and then filter the result by price (low-high), I get three pages. But, when I filter by high-low, I get 26 pages.

Anyone know why this is?

  Old Deuteronomy 16:08 12 Jul 2019

Amazon's search is often hopeless, you just have to learn how to work with it. Sometimes a small change to your search terms will help and, sometimes using searching with a search engine, eg Google, will find things on Amazon more effectively. Using a search engine, rather than a site's own search facility, can work better with other online retailer's sites too.

  morddwyd 10:12 13 Jul 2019

Why not ask Amazon rather than us?

  Gummomarx 11:43 13 Jul 2019

Well, morddwyd, I like to check my sanity, simultaneous to locking horns with a global giant. The Amazon reps suggested trying Chrome instead of Firefox, so I did that along with IE.

Chrome and IE returned 7 pages on a high-low sort but 3 on a low-high.

The reps couldn't understand the reason for it and alleged that they'd fire off an email to their system people. I find it hard to believe the issue hadn't been encountered before now.

  polymath 15:47 18 Dec 2019

Well, I for one encounter that issue on a regular basis, Gummomarx!

I gave up on Amazon's own search engine some time ago (just including them as a keyword if relevant). But I still get the problem you describe. I suspect it's mostly down to manipulation of results (used with Amazon as well as the general search engines?). And I have a growing impression that the more reputable a seller is, the less they need to spend on search rankings (and that's only taking into account the legitimate ways).

It's not just when shopping that I get the problem. For instance I often search on a single word to check its meaning, with wildly varying success. Sometimes I get its dictionary listings on the first page of many pages. But sometimes I only get 3 sparse pages (why three, I wonder?), often all about some celebrity, e.g. via the word in a song title, or some business I've never heard of (usually of no interest to me, and/or unusable from my country). (Rampant 'personalisation' also gets in the way of finding what I want, but that's another topic!).

Maybe worth trying Opera if you haven't already? I'm not up-to-date re desktop versions, but find their phone app better for accurate (and plentiful) search results than the Google, Chrome or Firefox ones are these days. (I use the Opera Lite app, but found even the regular Opera one a lot faster and less bloated than the other browsers).

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