Films/Movies on DVD have been ruined?

  powerless 23:52 07 Nov 2004

So you've just waited a few months for something to be released on DVD. You buy it, you take the disk out of the box and pop it in the DVD player. You hit play and after a minute or so you have all the fancy menus.

There is a PLAY MOVIE option, SPECIAL FEATURES options and a few others as well.

Now you select PLAY MOVIE and for the next 2 hours you are entertained. You're scared, the andrenlin is pumping, the room is filled with pure 5.1 sound. The woofer is hammering the floor and the neighbours are complaining about the noise.

The movie ends and you've had your monies worth of being entertained. For that 2 hours, you've forgotten about other "things" and have entered the science fiction, thriller, chiller etc of the movie.

We know that the person didn't really die, he didn't get abdusted by aliens and she didn't really love him.

But do you think the SPECIAL FEATURES of DVD some how spoil the movie experience?

Who cares how they did that, acheived that effect can't we just be satisfied with being entertained for a few hours by watching the movie?

I think SPECIAL FEATURES do spoil a DVD in a way although you don't have to view them of course.

  hugh-265156 00:25 08 Nov 2004

the directors/actors commentary can be very good on some disc's and i have (sad person that i am) watched most of my disc's while listening to it second time around :-)

the alternative endings on some disc's can sometimes be good and a couple of good music videos, outtakes, deleted scenes, making of or games for the kids thrown in can be a bonus.

depends on the disc i guess. if its a quality movie i really like and comes in two disc format with all the bells and whistles i will pay more for a nice box and extras and have a whole evenings entertainment instead of a few hours. i dont think it spoils anything as i know its not real to start with. i think its a good thing. its nice to see some releases now give you a choice of just movie or two disc special editions so if you dont want the extras then just buy the movie.

  powerless 00:29 08 Nov 2004

I must admit I buy the 2 disk version but never actually watch the second disk.

  Forum Editor 00:48 08 Nov 2004

in your final sentence haven't you?

  powerless 02:16 08 Nov 2004


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