Film Nudity

  laurie53 10:39 21 Dec 2008

Well, well. We must have done something right.

My son has been offered a (good) part in a film but turned it down because there was nudity (not necessarily his) which he didn't think was justified by the story.

He's not Richard Gere and doesn't get that much work offered.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:58 21 Dec 2008

Actors are meant to act not to 'justify' storylines. With unemployment in acting reaching 90%, I hope he can pay his bills with his principles.


  laurie53 11:08 21 Dec 2008

Perhaps you think he should scrap his principles and run a brothel, or maybe a paedophile ring?

Or is it only some principles that you see as not justified?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:18 21 Dec 2008

'Perhaps you think he should scrap his principles and run a brothel, or maybe a paedophile ring'..don't be completely ridiculous, you are assuming rather than thinking.


  Al94 11:21 21 Dec 2008

I suppose it's simply a matter of personal choice.

  AL47 11:23 21 Dec 2008

i would have taken it, in this climate especially

  Quickbeam 11:27 21 Dec 2008

It's bloody brass monkeys outside here!

  canarieslover 11:29 21 Dec 2008

A lot of people do jobs where they do not agree 100% with everything that is asked of them. You either need to earn a living or you don't. I have never managed to come into the 'I don't need to earn a living' class. I have had to compromise all my life so that I could feed and clothe the children I bought into this world.

  Forum Editor 11:35 21 Dec 2008

for rejecting parts, and one of them has traditionally been that nudity isn't justified by the script. Usually the actor doing the rejecting is the one who is being asked to appear nude - it's relatively rare for someone to refuse a part because there will be another actor appearing nude.

No doubt your son has his reasons, and that's that - it's his personal decision, and not really a subject for discussion is it?

  perpetual motion 11:41 21 Dec 2008

IMHO i think its laurie53 been proud of his son & wanting to tell us all, there's nothing wrong there, well done to your son laurie53 for been approached for the position, If he felt uncomfortable with it then its really like FE stated "No doubt your son has his reasons, and that's that"

  AL47 11:43 21 Dec 2008

i have the same thing where i work, sometimes i really really have a hard time

but lump it to earn money, its nice to be able to turn down work if u can afford it, but most cant do that, [or it would be too big a compromise to]

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