The fifty shades

  Shopgirl 21:42 27 Jul 2012

At work that is all the girls spoke about Fifty Shades Of Gray. So I decided to read it. My life at the moment is work, home and sleep and more work.So far I am at charpter seven. I must lead a boring sheltered life. The woman meets a multi millionaire. Its passion, passion all the way.He thinks nothing at buying her expensive jewellery. I am a slow reader maybe when I finish the book. I will meet my Mr Gray. lol
Let me know if anybody has read it. I look forward to your views.

  rdave13 22:15 27 Jul 2012

No Idea about it but a girl at work said it was pornography in the written word. My partner's friends, on Farcebook, are all reading it for this reason so I'm told.

Happy reading.

  john bunyan 22:19 27 Jul 2012

I took my wife to a hospital recently for a longish procedure. About 5 ladies were reading it. I asked a nurse if it was required reading. She smiled enigmatically.She sad it was a "ladies" book....Good luck with Mr Gray!

  finerty 22:23 27 Jul 2012

in your dreams baby

  interzone55 23:13 27 Jul 2012

What's intensely annoying about this book is that it's fine to have big stands of lady porn in shop doorways and supermarkets, but men's porn is kept hidden away on top shelves.

About time this equality lark worked both ways...

  rdave13 00:14 28 Jul 2012


So it is a type of porn for the ladies. Thanks for confirming it. Wasn't really sure.

  interzone55 00:17 28 Jul 2012


From the bits I've been told about, it's really quite disgusting

  rdave13 00:28 28 Jul 2012

alan14 , lol. I don't really care and why should I. It's not the real world any more than mens 'porno' world. Some people like to watch, read or dream. Some people fall in love and are happy. Some people have a laugh and some don't. As about men's particular type of interest they are usually visual so possibly why they are 'hidden' on top shelf. It's life. Without a bit of promiscuity I believe the human race wouldn't be where it is now.

  Quickbeam 01:02 28 Jul 2012

21st century Pride & Prejudice... so I (over)heard. I'll stick with Jules Verne.

  morddwyd 08:05 28 Jul 2012

Do you think it will be long before it's out of copyright and free on Kindle?

  Forum Editor 08:35 28 Jul 2012


I wouldn't hold your breath, it's nothing particularly special.... or so I've been told.

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