FIFA allegations (Not looking good)

  Autoschediastic 15:14 30 May 2011

Last year it was the Snooker then the Cricket now this?

Is there REALLY enough been done to stop the sports from falling into this?

As a person that isnt really into football i have noticed this story creep up and up to a high profile story, The gentleman asking for the money to be returned has he a point.?


  Quickbeam 15:23 30 May 2011

Can we have our money back too?

In the light of this and allegations of Knighthoods being requested for our unsuccessful bid, it puts the snooker and cricket scandals into the shade bigtime!

  Bingalau 17:45 30 May 2011

It looks as if Mr Blatter is going to remain "Whiter than White". Yet it has all occurred during his watch.

  bremner 17:52 30 May 2011

The difference here is that in Snooker and Cricket it was corrupt players.

In football it is allegations of corrupt FIFA officials much like the allegations against the IOC some years ago.

The problems stems from the fact that for the 24 executive members, who vote on who will get the World Cup, there is absolutely no accountability.

It was reported on last weeks Panorama that the Swiss Government are at last looking at FIFA and have threatened that they will require them to quit the country if they do not sort out their problems.

All 200+ FIFA delegates should vote on World Cup allocation and additionally there should be a maximum tenure on all executive officials of no more than two terms i.e. 8 years.

  woodchip 18:05 30 May 2011

It don't make no difference Football F1 Snooker Cricket you name it and they are all at it, no different to politicians, Don't like them neither

  Bingalau 19:33 30 May 2011

woodchip. I think you have got that chip on your shoulder. Is there anybody you do like?

By the way I don't dislike all politicians, but wish they wouldn't tell so many porkies. It would be nice if they could give straight answers to questions of course, but they all seem to have to ask permission first.

  TonyV 20:49 30 May 2011

I will not forget when Blatter was giving out the winners of the World cup and in each case he obviously knew who the winners were before he actually read the card. Who says it wasn't fixed! He stated the names before actually looking at the card. Is he psychic? Or just very clever? Or bent!


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