FIFA 2022 World Cup scandal

  john bunyan 10:59 01 Jun 2014

I am not very interested on football, but today, my Sunday Times first 12 pages were dominated by allegations of corruption in he decision to award the 2022 Cup to Qatar. The scale of bribery is staggering, particularly of African delegates. It makes one wonder how such a large scale corruption can have been swept under the carpet for so long.

Although there are exceptions, in my own experience Africa (with a few exceptions such as Zambia)is a continent that seems to have endemic corruption at official level - such a pity as the potential there is enormous.

Maybe they will be forced to re run the vote.

  Aitchbee 12:48 01 Jun 2014

fm - if was offered all of the 'carrots' in your last post, I would immediately 'ask myself the question' :-

Where [exactly] is all this over-the-top 'hospitality' leading?

Sometimes it's best to say - No Thank You!

  spuds 12:58 01 Jun 2014

Like all big ventures of this kind, there is always the possibility that corruption will be unearthed.

Its been heard before and will no doubt be heard again.

  john bunyan 13:36 01 Jun 2014

fourm member

I worked for many years in a major multinational in a senior purchasing role. We had strict guidelines to cover the things you mention and I investigated misdemeanours in this area in our own company including in Africa. As an example in a long policy document, one tried to avoid a meeting with a supplier drifting into lunch, If it became inevitable you tried to only go to a modest establishment. If you met the supplier in similar circumstances again, then your own company would act as host. The policy covered all the points you make. Why it cannot be similarly applied to governments etc, I do not know.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:10 01 Jun 2014

I suspect the FiFa negotiations were done along the same lines as Bernie Ecclestone does his F1 negatiations.

Do the fans care? As long as they get the spectacle they expect I doubt it.

  bremner 14:28 01 Jun 2014

Of course it matters and it does not matter whether you like or detest football, it is the worlds game.

The decision to give the world cup to Qatar was always very suspect. FIFA is a seriously flawed organisation with huge influence over billions of pounds.

It would be so easy to get into legal difficulties when talking about Sepp Blatter so it is best I don't go there.

  Aitchbee 15:58 01 Jun 2014

Sepp Blatter should listen to this song.

click here

  wee eddie 16:18 01 Jun 2014

I think that there are parts of the world where the definition of Corruption is very fluid. And, under certain circumstances, one can include the UK in that.

Many Workers are paid a pittance and expected to make up their salary with contributions from their Clients.

I think that we can include MPs under that heading. Their pay structure does not reflect their responsibility. For years they have been short-changed in order to set an example the Plebs! For quite a while the Government "expected" them to "Top-up" their Salary with Second Jobs and from the Petty Cash.

Now we have a case that appears to be blatant Bribery in FIFA and associated Committees. To many the West must appear hypocritical.

We reduce the pay of a Traffic Warden, we offer them a Bonus if they achieve a certain level of Productivity and then throw up our hands in horror when we are caught "Just popping into a shop to get some Aspirin!"

  Aitchbee 16:36 01 Jun 2014

... slightly off subject ... but, last saturday week I was handed a pack of footballer cards [ pictures of footballers in their team strips whom I have never heard of - in a seperate-cellophane-wrapper], when I made my customary weekend purchase of The Daily Mail ... it must've been a trial run for the up-and-coming Football World Cup [ie. pictures of foreign footballers in their national team strips whom I have never heard of] in forthcoming issues? :o[

  Quickbeam 07:31 02 Jun 2014

This is not over by a long way is it?

Remember when it was first announced, and the first criticisms were mooted here? The answers were well they've got got it and it'll go ahead come what may...

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