Fibre Optic Bandwidth Limit

  morddwyd 07:05 19 Oct 2010

Fibre optics are already being predicted as coming up to max capacity.

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Some of us wouldn't mind just the 8 meg we are paying for before too much is spent on research for a fibre optic replacement!

  jack 09:30 19 Oct 2010

Its all up and running in my area.
BT have flooded me with Infinity flyer
Up to 20 for the same price as I am paying for upto 8 with my current supplier.
What would the advantage be?

  Quickbeam 09:50 19 Oct 2010

I'm still on Virgin's cheapest and lowest bandwidth deal as it's plenty enough for surfing and the small amount of music downloads that I do. Compared to dial up it's still lightning fast to me, so the current maximum bandwidth is quite superfluous for my needs.

  cycoze 11:28 19 Oct 2010

I would love to see a better infrastructure country wide rather than just built up areas getting super-fast speeds, but financial returns dictate!

Liked and agree with the quote...

"We may all increasingly need to get used to the idea that bandwidth - just like water and energy - is a valuable commodity to be used wisely”

End Quote David Richardson University of Southampton.

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