FF and no-script.

  rdave13 16:41 21 Nov 2010

I realise that NoScript is good for security in Firefox but I'm uninstalling it. What a pain.
Slows everything down and most times need to refresh the page for it to load.
Stick to my browsing habits and AV and AM for protection me thinks.
Anyone think the same?

  wolfie3000 16:46 21 Nov 2010

Yeh I think the same too,
Tried No Script and found it useless.

It blocked everything, its just overkill.

  birdface 17:51 21 Nov 2010

All you have to do is allow the sites that you want or temporarily allow them.
I must admit I am fairly new to it but got fed up with the slowness of I/E I thought that I would give Firefox a try with No Script and I must admit far quicker than I/E.
I suppose once you allow all of your favorite programs you should get less problems.

  rdave13 17:55 21 Nov 2010

Yes, I know that, but the program has to load within the browser to know what to allow. Binned it.
FF is much faster and I very much doubt if safer with NoScript.

  birdface 18:04 21 Nov 2010

Not had a program that would not open in Firefox some of them will not open a full page unless you allow it.
At the moment I am quite happy with it even though I prefer I/E.
Like I said I am new to using it but maybe a program like Ad-Block Plus might be best but that was dragging my page to the left hand side when I used it that's why I tried No Scipt.
Not many add blockers that you can use on I/E9.

  rdave13 18:25 21 Nov 2010

I've recently re-installed IE9 beta and it now runs Rapport and have no difficulty logging off Gmail. Problems I had previously. Online Banking is no problem. It's own security is good enough, I believe, without the need of a third party ad-blocker.
Just my humble opinion.

  birdface 19:45 21 Nov 2010

[third party ad-blocker]
Thought that is what No Scipt did.

  rdave13 19:52 21 Nov 2010

On firefox, but no longer as I've removed it. Just replying to your last thread about " Not many add blockers that you can use on I/E9". Sorry for confusion.

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