A few threads have dissapeared recently

  john bunyan 17:38 16 Aug 2014

If a thread is deleted, surely some rudimentary reason should be given? I will not name them for fear the same thing will happen again!, isn't that right b.....n?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:51 16 Aug 2014

Perhaps M..2 had the right to be forgotten imposed on him for unruly conduct


  Forum Editor 17:54 16 Aug 2014

"If a thread is deleted, surely some rudimentary reason should be given?"

How? Do you mean you think I should start a new thread to explain why I have deleted a different thread? If you think about that for a minute you'll see how unworkable it would be. I delete dozens of threads each week, across all the forum areas.

Another reason I don't explain why I have deleted threads is that it can start a long, drawn out discussion as everyone adds their opinions about whether it should or should not have been deleted. If it's been started to discuss another forum member I'll delete as soon as I see it. We never discuss why people come or go from the forum - those matters are personal and private.

  Forum Editor 17:55 16 Aug 2014

See what I mean?

This is a discussion that isn't going to happen.

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