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A few months ago when China built hospitals...

  Quickbeam 08:23 01 Apr 2020

...within 30 days, it sounded a quite fantastical feat, and the reasons for doing it hadn't really sunk in.

Now it seems that with our backs to the wall we can come up trumps too. Not only that, our high tech industries have all managed to work together and quickly get breathing/ventilator aids and medical PPE into emergency production at the drop of a hat.

It's all a very impressive feat of 'can do'.

  john bunyan 10:05 01 Apr 2020

I believe that the U.K. armed forces medical services, who built a huge field hospital in Camp Bastion in Afghanistan and elsewhere, had a major planning input to the Nightingale Hospital. As you say an amazing example of combined effort. I would have thought that if possible Coronavirus patients should havedesignated hospitals, a bit like the old fever hospitals so that other hospitals could deal with urgent other cases with less risk of cross infection

  Al94 11:03 01 Apr 2020

We didn't build a hospital from scratch on a brown field site, we created one within an existing building - quite a difference.

  Quickbeam 11:24 01 Apr 2020

A194, yes, but it's up and running ready for action. When the epidemic is over it will return to it's previous use.

  Quickbeam 11:25 01 Apr 2020 makes you wonder how much of the initiative was Cold War planning for massed radiation casualties?

  wee eddie 11:56 01 Apr 2020

According to Pete & Dud, all you need to do is to climb into a brown paper bag!

  BT 18:00 01 Apr 2020

A major feat indeed. Its brought me to wondering where the vast numbers of beds and ancilliary equipment has come from. Is there a stockpile of Beds etc stored in vast warehouses somewhere in the country?

Which brings me on to wondering if the Buffer Depots of the early 60/70's where large quantities of essential supplies were stored, are still around. I worked in the Flour Milling industry at this time and every year most Flour Mills had to provide many tons of specially milled flour with a low moisture content to the Depot and we received back a similar amount of old flour for recycling. These depots were vast and stored all kinds of essential goods. I recall visiting one of these depots near Thetford.

  BT 07:31 02 Apr 2020

Done a bit of Googling and found this.

Food Stockpile.

Interesting bit is the proposed Emergency Rations would be ½ pint Stew a day

All Buffer Depots were gone by 1995 apparently - Or were they? Perhaps replaced by something similar but holding different products

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