hijo 16:51 24 Dec 2006

Hi all i gave a mate of mine a xmas card with a scratchcard in it & said to him "if u win let me know ok" he left our home 15 mins later & called me to tell me he thought he had won £50K but it was due to the fact that on the back of the scratchcard he found out minutes later i had given him a joke one..:-) where every card is a £50k winner..haha i cannot say the grammer that as used by him lol
anyone pulled any good pranks lately...?
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  VoG II 17:15 24 Dec 2006

That strikes me as distinctly UNfunny I'm afraid.

  rodriguez 17:21 24 Dec 2006

Me and my mates are getting each other completely useless presents just for a laugh. Mine include a broken zip drive, a key I found that I don't know what it opens, the laser from a CD player, a 2p coin and the list of what bands are on at the pub - up until Christmas Eve. I don't know what my mate's getting me yet, he just said it was "funny". So it could be anything...my other mate's getting an old electric switchbox from a factory and a Russian vinyl record off him though. :-D

  rodriguez 17:26 24 Dec 2006

Oh I nearly forgot one - page 81 and 82 of the Birmingham A-Z road atlas (my mom had a new one because all the pages kept falling out).

  hijo 18:08 24 Dec 2006

"VoG™" theres always "one" i suppose that'l dissagree is one of the reasons why this forum has no comical joke post's....?
please dont forget what time of year it is,its a time for fun & humour & love...my mate did see the funny side to it & so did every one of the four people i played it on,just as well it wasnt u eh...

  p;3 18:21 24 Dec 2006

I must admit I wonder for how long you will remain a mate of his; some pranks or jokes can seriously backfire

a 'best friend' of mine once played what she thought was a practical joke on me; she is no longer a best friend, but merely an acquaintance; she lost the right to a friends status after that stupid prank

you have to be very very careful

  hijo 18:31 24 Dec 2006

i think it is down to various points of the joke for 1- he's a practical joker anyway & i owed him that & i knew he would take it well,2- depends on the nature of the joke as i know it can get outa hand in some cases,its a real shame u fell out or lost a good friend sometimes we have to view something with "both sides of the coin" please remember a joke is just a bit of humour...was it urself that took the joke wrong or was it your friend going to far...?
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  p;3 20:48 24 Dec 2006

a joke may be intended as humour but often can backfire quite dramatically ;

'i suppose that'l dissagree is one of the reasons why this forum has no comical joke post's....?'
this forum actually has a lot of slick humour in many of the postings ; just browse around the threads to find it;

  The Brigadier 20:50 24 Dec 2006

If a friend did that to me i would give them a Glaswegin hand shake!

  The Brigadier 20:52 24 Dec 2006

ie: knock their teeth out for them!

It's not funny making someone think they have won & they have not, bit sick really, i would never do that to a friend, ever. But may be my friends mean more to me than your's do to you!

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