Ferrari: will quit F1

  Helen. 17:24 12 May 2009

If the new rules go ahead.

Throwing their toys out of the pram?

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  OTT_Buzzard 17:33 12 May 2009

Well, bye bye Ferrari then! I reckon the budget cap will introduce another 3 or 4 teams over a couple of years anyway, but won't be competitive enough to get them to the fron of the grd.

There will always be 'unlimited' budget teams to keep up the good work on technologocal development.

(p.s. if it ws Williams who threatened to withdraw because of the proposed new rules then I would have an entirely different attitude!!!!)

  Noldi 17:35 12 May 2009

I think its the only way that this is going to get sorted out who wants to see a two-tier championship next year if the big teams stand up against Mosley. If this budget cap goes ahead then Ferrari are just trying to protect thier employees as are Red Bull, Toro Rosso, Toyota and I think BMWclick here . click here . click here . click here . So maybe they are all throwing thier toys out of the Pram?. I wonder if this would have been posted if it was the beloven McLaren and Lewis im sure they would not have been throwing toys out of the pram.


  canarieslover 20:07 12 May 2009

Ferrari's point is that there should be only one set of rules that apply to everyone. What's wrong with that? F1 is supposed to be the leading edge of motoring technology and it appears that the powers that be want to introduce something that blunts that edge for some of the teams. Fair or not?

  AL47 20:30 12 May 2009

i a big f1 fan, i say budget cap of 80mil maybe 100 to start, blanket, no exceptions..
this is gonna end with either a mid range budget cap, or f1 destruction

i like ferrari in there cause i hate them lol, love seeing them get beaten!

  Noldi 20:50 12 May 2009

"i hate them lol, love seeing them get beaten!"

And this is a team that has the longest history in F1 60 years I think. If people realy new the whole stories behind the passion and culture in these teams they may see Ferrari in a different light.

Visit the Ferrari factory and then McLarens or Toyotas and you may get my point. Ferrari still work out of industrial units at the back of the road car plant while McLarens etc are based in big show homes I know who I would like to see get beaten.


  interzone55 21:00 12 May 2009

Good riddance, this will mean more money for the other teams - for some reason Ferrari currently get 10% of TV money (that's 10% before Bernie's cut) which is totally unfair on all the other teams...

  Kemistri 21:22 12 May 2009

alan14: That additional payment that you term "totally unfair" was offered by Ecclestone as a carrot to persuade it to sign the renewal of the 1997/98 Concorde in Dec 04 and was accept in Jan 05. IIRC, no other team publicly gave any significant objection and some other teams even supported it. You certainly cannot blame Scuderia Ferrari for taking up an offer that was placed in front of it.

As for the current issue, it is a serious one and the teams are absolutely correct to stand up against the prospect of two sets of technical rules. It's a long time since F2 cars ran alongside F1 cars to make up grid numbers - do we want to see a similar de facto situation next year? I think not. Neither would a blanket cap be popular (even at a highe level to the current proposal) because F1 has already had a lot of job losses in the last 12 months and a blanket cap would force a lot more. That would bring about one of the very problems that the rule makes and the FOTA are trying to avoid.

  AL47 22:17 12 May 2009

ok hate is wrong word, its more the exceptncce that they good, a worthy opponent

but it is satisfying when your team beats them

i am a renault supporter so 05 was an emotional year
beating ferrari and MS
thats where i coming from :)

  Strawballs 22:27 12 May 2009

I think teams like Ferrari threatening to pull out is designed to make Max Mosely take notice because love them or hate them they are a big factor in F1's popularity I am one who loves to see them get beat but it would not be the same without them.

As pointed out before the last time they threatened to quit they got offered more money than the other teams to keep them there, maybe they are trying again (that is only my view)

  Noldi 06:10 13 May 2009

"As pointed out before the last time they threatened to quit they got offered more money than the other teams to keep them there, maybe they are trying again (that is only my view)"

This thing about Ferrari getting more money came about because every team on the grid had that offer but only Ferrari took the other teams decided they might QUIT and did not to take until later when the offer had dropped. I don’t think they are to blame for that I would call it educational. Everybody likes to hate Ferrari I suppose whether they have their facts right or not.

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