Ferrari and F1

  Strawballs 00:36 31 Dec 2008

I know this is quite old news but I have not seen it here click here Who says they don't get specials deals!!!!!!!

  Strawballs 00:52 31 Dec 2008

It is nothing to do with engine deals, it is to do with a deal they have had since 2002

  Strawballs 00:57 31 Dec 2008

I was a big fan of Alonso and Renault back then but went off him when he spat the dummy when a young upstart was beating him in an equal car

  Strawballs 01:07 31 Dec 2008

It can be similar in Motor GP I prefer to watch WSB

  Strawballs 01:13 31 Dec 2008

The whole point of F1 is suppose to be the pinnacle technical achievment advances they make can make road cars a lot safer as F1 teams are willing to money that road car makers back off from

  Condom 16:49 31 Dec 2008

Well I'm afraid to me it is all like a big Scalextrix set following one another round in lines. Very boring. Overtaking now seems to be via pit stops unless its your team mate and then it can be by appointment.

Where is all the exitement? Salon car racing has that. Also with ITV most of the meagre action seemed to happen during the adverts.

  Noldi 12:28 02 Jan 2009

What is wrong with the deal Ferrari have, This deal was on the table for all teams but only Ferrari took it so dont start going on about other teams beeing hard done by.

The other teams where looking at starting thier own series and Ferrari didnt join them.


  Noldi 12:35 02 Jan 2009

"the btcc [before seat left] was great fun to watch"

Not the BTCC or WTCC I atended last year.


  Strawballs 23:05 03 Jan 2009

All the other teams stayed so they should all have got the same deal

  Noldi 18:59 04 Jan 2009

But the deal was on the table and only Ferrari took it while other teams went against the organisers. When the other teams joined that deal was no longer avalible.

"All the other teams stayed so they should all have got the same deal."

A bit like going back to PC world and asing for the deal that finished 6 months ago, because you now realise what a good deal it was but didnt take it at the time.


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