Feral kids...

  Quickbeam 10:02 22 Jan 2010

are they a result of too much, namby pambying in their home life, pussy footing by teachers, over importance of maintaining human rights?

I can't help but think that this case click here (The Edlington Torturers), wouldn't have happened if the kids, including their father in youth, had been treated as we were in our youth for general misbehaviour. I am of course talking about caning at school, a slap in the street for cheek, and the parental chastisement, that left you sulking, but not complaining.

Of course now the do gooders will say 'but that is no better than what this case is about'.

But in the old fashioned way, you knew why and what your arse stung for, the rules had a stinging way of reminding you.

Or have I just realised I've become my father incarnate...?

  Seth Haniel 10:09 22 Jan 2010

spare the rod and spoil the child

  Awshum 11:03 22 Jan 2010

The two attackers seem to be blaming their 'toxic' childhood on their criminal activity, so are you saying violence at school by the teachers would have cancelled out the violence at home?

Bringing back caning is absolutely absurd, completely sick and makes you appear as a neanderthal.

My kids have never known violence, love their school and are pretty happy. The last thing they need is teachers threatening to hit them.

If a child is being beaten/having trouble at home they need support not a cane!

  Quickbeam 11:09 22 Jan 2010

A delightful respite at Disney World for them then...?

  Awshum 11:15 22 Jan 2010

A combination of support/counselling, punnishment, rehabilitation and a psychological study is needed.

I'll leave it to the experts, though I will certainly say caning and disney land are off the list.

  donki 11:18 22 Jan 2010

There is a huge difference between violence in the home and discipline, I certainly got a wrap or two around the legs with a wooden spoon and it did me no harm and see absolutely nothing wrong with it. I dont believe we will ever or should for that matter of fact go back to physical punishment in schools.

A minority of children (depending where you live) are out of control and have no respect for anything or anyone. The biggest factor in changing this round is parenting, how can this be improved? I dont know really, parenting classes or the like. But should someone who needs classes really be a parent? The goverment giving houses and benifits to every single mother certainly doesnt send out the correct message as like anything else this is being abused.

The next part is police and justice powers against minors must be increased especially against antisocial behaviour. So this is the governments responsibility.

  Quickbeam 11:18 22 Jan 2010

At least we seem to agree that the required compromise fits between the two extremes, although my compromise will always be nearer the first example, as most on here will know by now.

  donki 11:24 22 Jan 2010

If the home is indeed "toxic" the children should have been removed long ago and the parents procecuted. No amount of councilling or support would help the children while they were there. I have no doubt that the pair have sivere mental problems and from their comments they have been desensitised to any kind of human suffering but they must be punished in some way, as well as get the help they obviously need.

  Awshum 11:44 22 Jan 2010

I agree and you have basically said what I said with the exception of the counselling and support.

If they had been identified properly as needing help the first time they committed a crime then just maybe... or indeed if the school had teachers trained to identify kids needing help and it was offered to them then just maybe....

Just maybe the authorities might have communicated with each other and carried out the first line of your post.

  Clapton is God 11:46 22 Jan 2010

Children, like wives, should be beaten regularly to keep them on the straight and narrow. ;-))

  Seth Haniel 11:55 22 Jan 2010

tens of thousands of schoolchildren - went through School in the days of canes and came out he other end without feeling its sting.
Why... because they respected that punishment followed breaking the rules.
If you got punished, there was no sympathy from your parents, and they would follow up on that punishment.

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