Female Soldier Wins Compensation

  morddwyd 19:39 13 Apr 2010

A female soldier has won compensation after being dismissed for failing to turn up for duty because because of childcare problems.

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Now I don't want to get into childcare or parenthood problems in any way at all, but how can this be sexually or racially discriminatory?

Surely a white male soldier would have been treated exactly the same?

  johndrew 19:59 13 Apr 2010

All members of the armed forces sign up to be prepared for duty on a 24 hour, 365 day basis. Other than when on leave, sick, off duty or stood down they are fully aware they should be at their place of duty. This individual is responsible for her own personal arrangements as is every other serving member and in my opinion has no excuse to absent herself from her place of duty.

As you say, "a white male soldier would have been treated exactly the same" and as a result she should have been disciplined in the same manner regardless of sex, race or rank.

  Grey Goo 20:38 13 Apr 2010

I think she tried to get her sister into the country on the pretence of a child minder. When the sister was refused entry I guess this is the result of a Hissy fit. Nobody wants to be labelled a racist so you end up with this farce.

  PalaeoBill 20:46 13 Apr 2010

There is more to this story than has been reported in the tabloids. We have yet to find out what the recruiters promised her.
The sex discrimination act has a clause that deals with all employed parents with childcare responsibilites. A white male parent given the same circumstances would have also won the case.
If you need to change the way you work because of childcare needs you have a right to ask your employer to consider changing the way you work. They must seriously consider your request and look at ways in which you could do your job and meet your child care needs.
In this instance it would appear that no serious thought was given to her request, which is why she won the case. If the powers that be had dotted Is and crossed Ts and presented a well thought out argument they could have said no with impunity. The judgment identified a number of options that could have been taken to resolve the problem and no defense as to why these were refused.
I don't think it is right; I think the armed services should be exempt from such legislation or perhaps you should sign away your rights when you enlist (If your going to be a soldier then you need to be available 24/7). But this is the law and I don't suppose the lady thought she had any other option.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:25 13 Apr 2010

Sorry Sarge can't attack the cursed enemy as I have just done me nails and this morning's hairdo cost £30. Could you get the blighters to attack next week any time before 1500 as I have my hair appointment at 1545.


  rickf 21:50 13 Apr 2010

THis country has gone mad is all I will say. At this rate things are heading for the pits.

  morddwyd 21:55 13 Apr 2010

"A white male parent given the same circumstances would have also won the case."

Then how can it be sexual and racial discrimination? If it's the same for all then there is no discrimination.

  Forum Editor 22:53 13 Apr 2010

that anything was going to prevent me giving her the life she deserves."

Since leaving the Army, she has been unemployed since December 2008 and struggling to make ends meet.

  Brumas 23:39 13 Apr 2010

I truly believe that when they disbanded the W.R.A.C. and W.R.A.F. and integrated them into the Army and Airforce and also allowed women to go to sea that ‘the rot set in’

I’ll not go on, but I will say I am glad that I served when I did - you knew where you stood then!

  morddwyd 07:31 14 Apr 2010

‘the rot set in’

What "rot"?

What rot.

This is about sexual and racial discrimination.

You would appear to be implicitly in favour of one of these.

  Brumas 09:17 14 Apr 2010

I DON'T condone sexual or racial discrimination, the point I was trying, unsuccessfully, to make was that back then, single women in the forces weren't available for sudden deployment so it didn't matter if they had kids or not!!
I'm not really happy with my explanation but I cannot think of a better way of putting it.

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