Feel more able to speak about it now.....

  Legolas 12:53 22 Aug 2011

....but a week last Wednesday(10th Aug)I had a heart attack. It started at my work but being me I thought it was indigestion, after a few hours during which I had finished work and went home, it was still there and the pain was getting more severe, now convinced it was more than indigestion I phoned NHS24 as I relayed my symptoms to the nurse she told me to sit down and she would get a first response vehicle out to me as in her opinion I was indeed having a heart attack. I was taken to the RAH Hospital in Paisley where they worked to get both my heart rate and my blood pressure down as well as giving me blood thinning medication. The following day I was transferred to the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Clydebank near Glasgow. After a exploratory procedure in which they put a camera up the femoral artery and into the heart it was discovered that part of one of the two arteries on the left of the heart that supply the heart with blood had narrowed and the heart attack had been caused by a blood clot forming in the narrowing. To my great good fortune the Golden Jubilee Hospital is running a trial to find out whether 'stenting' is as good if not better than bypass surgery for this kind of heart problem. I agreed to go on the trial and because they want a totally random cross section of people for the trial my name was fed into a computer and the computer then decides whether it is a yes or a no. Thankfully I was chosen for the stenting procedure so on Monday 15th Aug I went through the procedure to insert the stents into my narrowed artery, it was successful and I was released from hospital on the following day. What an amazing step this is in the treatment of heart problems that instead of a longer time both in hospital and in convalescence you can be in and out in less than a week. The NHS staff throughout were excellent and I thank them for such a high level of care and professionalism. Now all I have to do is take it easy for a few weeks and then back to work. Did get a bit of a fright though :))

PS In case your wondering I am only 55

  Pine Man 12:59 22 Aug 2011

Great news.

  Pine Man 13:00 22 Aug 2011

...about the treatment - not the heart attack;-)

  Quickbeam 13:05 22 Aug 2011

Yes, a close call. I'll be 55 some and the doctor has asked me to take a medical now that I'm old, he didn't exactly say that, but it's what he meant!

But I always thought a diet rich in lembas bread cured all ills.

  anchor 13:43 22 Aug 2011

I am pleased that all went well for you.

Something similar happened to me about 11 years ago. As the pain began to increase an ambulance was called and I was taken to a large hospital in NW London. After stabilisation, I later had an angiogram which revealed a similar problem to yours. The consultant recommended an angioplasty, (where a stent was inserted), and as the NHS wait for this was considerable, I decided to go private.

All went well, and I was followed up for about 4 years. I am pleased to say that all continues to be well, and I take regular dispersible aspirin and a statin drug, which reduces cholesterol level.

  Brumas 14:08 22 Aug 2011

Legolas ,sorry to hear of your very traumatic experience, I wish you well on your road to full recovery.

  greyballs 14:49 22 Aug 2011

well good luck to you legolas take it easy.just a thought about the trial though,perhaps they could have put your details into the hat so to speak to find out if you where eligable or not before you where asked.i think i might have felt a tad stressed if i had been offered then knocked back.i am also 55 and have come to realise that stress is the enemy.so again legolas take it easy.

  Legolas 15:11 22 Aug 2011

greyballs That is a good point, waiting to find out if I had been selected for the stent procedure was probably the most stressful part of my stay, even the actual procedure was less stressful.

anchor I am also on aspirin one a day for the rest of my life along with another anti-platelet drug for a year,along with a beta blocker and ACE inhibitor for high blood pressure and a statin for cholesterol, all for the foreseeable. From no pills to seven a day. When I walk I rattle :))

Come September I will be attending the local heart REHAB centre for exercise and dietary advice, not sure I really need that but if its there might as well take advantage. And I get an afternoon of work to attend

Thanks all for the kind wishes.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:45 22 Aug 2011

Glad your OK, interesting the Aspirin bit sure, last year they were saying Aspirin made no difference?

  spuds 15:47 22 Aug 2011

Contrary to believes, stenting isn't all that very new, and quite a number of heart hospitals do this as a near daily routine, as a better patient care procedure.

There can be nothing more alarming to having a bit of indigestion, then finding it is something more sinister. Last year I had a similar experience when gaviscon wasn't resolving the problem, so off to the GP. Hooked up to his ECG machine and was duly informed that I had either had an heart attack or was due for one very shortly, so he said that he had called for an ambulance. My response was that of "You have got to be joking?" "Fraid not was his reply", and an ambulance was there in minutes.

Apparently they found that I had previously suffered an heart attack (when- where- how- in my sleep??), which had effected part of the heart. Had the usual tread mill and 48 hour recorder plus other tests. Given various medication for the rest of my life, but due to a stomach problem, I am unable to take aspirin.

Strange how these things seem to happen to other people, and you think that they will not or cannot happen to you. The point in question is that I have lost some good friends through sudden heart attacks, and have also seen friends who have survived through quick actions of others. Never to late to heed the bodies warnings!.

  Legolas 16:14 22 Aug 2011

Fruit Bat /\0/\ Aspirin was the first thing they gave me, seemingly it is an anti-platelet drug which means it makes the blood less sticky so less likely to clot.

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