FE Leads the Way!

  morddwyd 08:22 19 Nov 2010

Most shoppers do not want to hear "seasonal" music until December.

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The FE is obviously in touch with the people.

Perhaps he should stand for parliament!

  interzone55 10:29 19 Nov 2010

If any shop staff were questioned for the survey the answer would be no "seasonal" music at all, ever.

As a former retail worker I can confirm that the annual "festive" tape was usually damaged beyond repair within a week of delivery as it was akin to torture for the staff who had to listen to it 8 hours a day for 6 weeks.

If I never hear Madonna's "Santa Baby" & Bruce Springsteen's "Santa Clause Is Coming To Town" again it will be too soon...

  birdface 10:39 19 Nov 2010

I think the festive season and all the music should be banished. Coogers.

  jack 10:58 19 Nov 2010

Which I have done many times in the past and will do so again if I find it interferes with my shopping experiemce.
The first time about 15 years ago - was in a local mall which had a branch of an electronics chain[now defunct] , the racket was full bore out of the door - no customers in the shop and the manager/assistant standing around - I stood in the doorway and called him over - I told him what I needed to buy - he beckoned me into the store- but I stood my ground and indicated to him that I would only enter when the racket was turned down or better off.- He needed the sale- so he did. Simples
I once had to go to the service desk in ASDA to ask the same- and they did.
So I feel it is up you the Customer with the money the retailer needs to show your disapproval.
My late wife was a staunch supporter of Pipedown and would go around dishing out their flyers where she thought the need arose

  Big L 266 11:11 19 Nov 2010


I heard my first Christmas song on KOIT this morning - Elton Johns 'Step Into Christmas'. That did it - I quickly retuned my 'Mutant' wifi radio to BBC Radio Lincolnshire - no Christmas songs there!

I too dislike tacky and cheaply recorded Christmas 'lift, loo and elevator' background music anywhere especially in shops. Nothing makes me wince more than hearing many great Christmas songs being played in this format should I venture into a shop playing them.

I can't wait to get out of any store playing such synthesised twaddle!

I'll nominate FE for PM as well!

Big L 266

  jakimo 11:25 19 Nov 2010

'Perhaps he should stand for parliament!
I'll nominate FE for PM as well!'

Now your being ridiculous,he would never be able to give a straight answer to anything

  spuds 11:29 19 Nov 2010

Creeping will get you everywhere ;o)

But back to the subject matter. I suppose its a bit like going past the bakery counter and returning to buy a fresh baked piece of bread!.

Sounds, smells etc do wonderful things to individuals human nature.

  spuds 11:32 19 Nov 2010

I can see this thread being locked ;O)

  wiz-king 16:20 19 Nov 2010

I would go even further! Ban Muzak !!!!
Several times I have had to walk out of a shop because I cant hear what the shop assistant is saying over the noise.

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