[DELETED] 07:58 08 May 2006

I agree we need someone to police a forum like this but there's been a couple of threads, the Matrix was one, which were quite entertaining, none offensive, getting loads of comments but FE decided to stop. Not fair say I.

  anskyber 08:58 08 May 2006

I did not read the posts you mention but they are the rules of the game. Now and again FEs twitchy finger may delete by mistake but there is usually a good reason for the intervention. the result is of course a mainly sensible site. there are plenty of others out there if you want sport!

  anskyber 09:00 08 May 2006

New keyboard so sorry abouthe the missing CAPS!

  [DELETED] 09:00 08 May 2006

Which part of the word 'editor' is incomprehensible to you. If you read the T&C carefully you will understand that he has the right to do what he wants to and there is nothing that you can do about it. As with another thread the Matrix one attracted the delusional and the armchair philosophers who seem to think that films bear a relevance to real life and if it is on the screen it must come true. The same ones probably wrote to the newspapers wailing that the 'Weatherfield One' should be released pronto. Personally I find this sort of behaviour (mixing reality with fantasy) deeply disturbing and the arguments go nowhere ('you can't prove it doesn't exist so therefore there must be a chance that it exists' fabtasy...instead of 'there is no proof that it exists so therefore it does not)

Learn to live with the fact that an editor is an editor.


  namtas 09:59 08 May 2006

Many may feel the same way as you do unfortunetly for reasons that are beyond our control this is the way that this forum works under the strict editorial control of the FE. Policing is not a term that I would use in this context I would much prefer it be moderated. I am sure that you may find some will reply to your post (not me) telling you if you dont like it you know what to do. We already see one of the outriders poo pooing all those who do not fit into his Stereotype concept as is usual it is used in a negative or prejudicial way to justify certain discriminatory behaviours.

  [DELETED] 10:04 08 May 2006

FE GETS THE LAST WORD – I bet he doesn’t ; -)

The last word in my book is Zwitterion

  [DELETED] 10:47 08 May 2006

whilst i do agree with most of what you have written i am sure you must agree that the FE gets more right than wrong and does an exceedingly difficult job well. as for GANDALF <|:-)> he is after all just a fantasy from lord of the rings (or does he really exist!) lol. i am just pleased that you had the nerve (and the freedom)to voice your opinion and express your displeasure rather than the sychophantic mutterings of some.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:52 08 May 2006

FE GETS THE LAST WORD – I bet he doesn’t ; -)

He's married so there's no chance he gets the last word. :0)

  [DELETED] 11:01 08 May 2006

The inability to understand why people moan when their Beta programme screws their computer big time, why people moan when an editor does his job and why people get so precious about forum rambling is not sycophantic, it is a realistic attitude based on fact. ;-)).


  [DELETED] 11:02 08 May 2006

hairyplums I disagree, I remember the posting you refer to. Some of the posts in the past few months have very quickly degenerated into slanging matches which I find deplorable. If the FE thinks that a posting is getting out of hand and deletes it I for one will not argue. I'm sure there will be the occassional error but in the vast majority of cases the postings I can recall myself that were deleted deserved to be deleted. When last I saw the post there was nothing on it I could find in any way offensive but the point is did you see the post just before he deleted it? Perhaps something was said not long after you looked at it to make him decide to delete it.
Its his decision and I'm quite content to let him carry on making the decision. If I was the FE I'd probably end up deleting many more posts than he ever does.

  [DELETED] 11:08 08 May 2006

My appolgies for my posting, I stand by what I say but thought, wrongly, that the FE had deleted the posting. He didn't he just finished it. I've had a reread of it and he obviously thought it was time to end it. No arguement with me it had had its run.

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