rdave13 23:42 25 Jun 2011

As I've changed my email again, for logging in purposes, and thinking my email would go the old way (spam), in MY POSTS would it be possible to have Discussions you have started below Discussions you have contributed to as it's tiresome to scroll down.

Many thanks,

  birdface 11:56 27 Jun 2011


It does not make much difference to me but I have to agree with rdave13 it would be easier to use if changed.

I must admit you have worked really well over the last few weeks getting the new forum to work at it's best.

I think we can all see the big difference it has made.

I am not sure you can do anything with search.

But Is there any way that you can have the latest posts first instead of having them all over the place.

It is no different from the old Post but would be easier to find things if things were set out by date and newest first.

  simonjary 13:23 27 Jun 2011


In Search you can "Order results by relevancy/date".

Would that help?

We are tackling Search next, as parts of it are much better than before, and others need working on.



  birdface 15:24 27 Jun 2011


Not sure if that would work or not.

The problem is we cannot remember the dates or it would be easy to find.

An example I was looking for something that had been in some ones post the week before and I had to open 15 pages to find it.

There were answers from 2004 and 2006 etc before you got to the 2011 thread that I was looking for.

I just mentioned it hoping that maybe there was an easier way of finding the more recent threads.

It may not be possible to have them as latest threads first but thought that it may help if at all possible.

I must admit I have done my fair share of moaning since the new Forum set up was introduced, but I have seen a massive change for the good within the last week or so.

So a well done to all concerned for all the hard work involved.

  rdave13 18:46 27 Jun 2011


Thanks for the reply. It's not a big issue just that sometimes, when you get a lot of email replies to different threads, it's easier to go to my posts to see the list that I've posted to. Then I keep having to scroll down. Prefer this new site to the old one.

  simonjary 09:00 28 Jun 2011


Have you tried clicking the Order by date option?

If so how is this not working for you?

Apologies if the explanation is the same as your last post, but I don't quite understand how it wouldn't.

  birdface 10:03 28 Jun 2011


[Have you tried clicking the Order by date option]

Sorry but I am not sure what you mean.

I just add what I am looking for into the PCA search bar and have to scroll through the pages till I get the one that I am looking for.

Sorry if I never mentioned it was the Search bar and not My posts that I was on about. But of course it would be not unusual for me to do it wrong.

Another little problem that maybe you could sort out is when you open a new thread we get e-mails that someone has answered it.

I have all the bits ticked that I do not want e-mail reminders but still get them.

Had another one this morning, is it going to remain the way it is.If so I can stop complaining about it.

  SparkyJack 10:40 28 Jun 2011

'We'll act on whatever you guys decide you want, so please let us know.' Wrote Simon J

One of my little niggles is that fact every time I have 'Glitch' I have not been able to get back an original user nsme. Because I changed ISP earlier this year and then another hang my end ,each attempt to update my profile failed [ME?} and so I got a new user name.

Is it possible to meld these back to the original?

One of our stalward once shoews all three in a post - sometihng I have yet to replicate.

  birdface 10:51 30 Jun 2011


Not sure if this works or not but gives you an idea as to what I mean.

Just typed Flash Player into search and the first one that shows is for the year 2004.

Just wondered if it could be made to start from 2011 then work back.

link text

  birdface 11:00 30 Jun 2011


Ok. Ignore all of that I just found the date or time thing that you were on about and it makes it so much easier.

I do get there eventually.

It makes a big difference and will make search a whole lot easier.

Thanks to all concerned in making it better.

  Kevscar1 07:17 26 Jun 2011

I have already suggested this and it's being worked on.

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