Smegs 23:38 02 Aug 2004

Hello. Would it be possible to have, when we joined at the top of the page, or in our details?
Just so that, that person can see it and no-one else.

I can't for the life of me think when I joined.

  Forum Editor 23:56 02 Aug 2004

It would be yet another database call for the server, and would increase the load. We're aiming to keep such enhancements to a minimum at the moment.

I've emailed you with information about the date you joined us.

  Smegs 23:59 02 Aug 2004

Thankyou, just got the Info. I know what your saying. Not to worry.


  Simsy 09:03 23 Aug 2004

FE you say that to do this would be "another database call for the server"...

Yet when we log in we are told how many times we have done so. Is this not also another, (unneccesary?), call on the server?

Note that I'm not bitching here, just curious as to how one bit of info could be a problem, and another not. Presumeable both these bits of info, (joining date and number of times logged on), come from the same database?



  no-name 10:35 23 Aug 2004

FE following the Simsy point, can you not replace "Logged in as:" (I think we know who we are when we log in) with a "Member since:"?

  oresome 16:56 23 Aug 2004

One of my old tutors used to claim that the WIBNI factor ruined most things.

Someone would come up with an elegant, simple design and then a commitee would look at it and say, "wouldn't it be nice if........."

  Forum Editor 18:51 23 Aug 2004

when next we consider changes to the site.

In the meantime,anyone who is desperate to know their joining date is welcome to email me. Don't expect an immediate response - I'll do my best.

  Dorsai 21:33 23 Aug 2004

I can't remeber when i signed up, but then i can't remember when i joined my bank either.

As long as my cash is there for me i don't care.

AS long as here is still here, i don't much care when i came here either.

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