Father's Day

  onthelimit1 11:01 17 Jun 2012

Aren't I lucky. I was allowed to get up at 8 and take breakfast back to bed for me and the other half. She's also going to let me cook lunch and then make the tea. I'm spoilt!

Did get a Kindle as a pressy from my children in Oz though.

  Forum Editor 11:56 17 Jun 2012

One daughter is in the air on her way to Santorini. Another is working, as is my son.

They all phoned, and cards arrived, so I'm happy. I know it all started with Sonora Dodd, back at the turn of the 20th century, but I suspect it was really given impetus by a retail industry that saw the revenue potential.

  Quickbeam 12:03 17 Jun 2012

I believe it was Hallmark cards that decided to make it a commercial money spinner around the mid '70s. As far as being a commercial enterprise goes, it's been a huge success.

  Forum Editor 13:30 17 Jun 2012


It was a commercial money spinner long before Hallmark cards got hold of it. Not in this country perhaps, but it became a commercial event back in the 1930s in America.

It was first recognised by the American government in 1956, but you're right about its beginnings in this country - that happened in the mid to late 1970s.

  Condom 15:47 17 Jun 2012

My son gave me a lovely leather holder for my Kindle and there was also some information about a little light attachment you could get to fit in the holder. Before I give it further thought has anyone on here used one of the Kindle light attachments?

  Bingalau 16:00 17 Jun 2012

Condom. Yes I have used the light from Kindle and in my opinion it is rubbish. I got a much better one from Aldi, which in fact is a kiddies "Thomas The Tank Engine" clip on light. I think it cost about four quid. Keep your eye open for the next time they sell them because Aldi seem to do things in spurts. One week will be fishing gear, the next week cycling kit etc.

So far I haven't had a word from any of my children. But then maybe that's because I have been out most of the day. But no cards, no phone messages. Nothing. "Nobody loves me any more".... All together now ..."Ahhh!"

  birdface 19:20 17 Jun 2012

I remember when my Kids were very young I used to get my breakfast in bed,Burnt Toast and a soft boiled egg.A box of Maltesers and a bottle of Irn Bru.

My wife and I would kid on that we loved our breakfast and the 2 kids would get tore into the Maltesers and Irn Bru.

My daughter who is now in her 40's still gives me the Maltezers and Irn-Bru along with whatever Pressie that she brings.It always brings back a few memories of them when they were younger.

  morddwyd 19:28 17 Jun 2012

Ever since my son was old enough to be told he has been under pain of death not to participate in this entirely retail led bogus festival.

Mothering Sunday is a Christian religious festival.

Father's Day is pure consumerism.

  chub_tor 20:32 17 Jun 2012

I was pretty well estranged from my son for the best part of 10 years when his then wife kept him from seeing us. Luckily he eventually saw the light and divorced her and now we are back in contact again. We had a long phone call with him this morning followed by an hour on Skype with our daughter in Texas. The contact is all I need, I have no need for presents or cards - although I did get two cards and an ecard from our granddaughter in China. A good day....

  Bingalau 21:41 17 Jun 2012

Well, in the end one of my sons called around to borrow a few screwdrivers and a hammer. (must be a big DIY job broke out). "By the way, Dad" quoth he, "I had a bottle of rum to bring around but forgot it. Happy Father's Day" and off he trotted. I suppose it (the rum) might turn up in time for next Father's Day, but I ain't betting on it.

God only knows when I will get the tools back.

No sign of my other son as of yet, my daughter phoned last night but never mentioned Father's Day. Still it's not midnight yet.

  Forum Editor 22:37 17 Jun 2012


I tried one of the Kindle lights,and wasn't impressed.

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