Fate and the nine week old Titanic survivor

  TopCat® 14:00 15 Apr 2009

An interesting story recounting what happened to this grand old lady survivor, marred only by the fact she has to sell her last Titanic possessions to pay to keep her in the nursing home. TC. click here

  peter99co 20:54 15 Apr 2009

How on earth does she have bills of £3000 per month? Will they put her out on the street if she runs out of cash? Is this how life gets when we reach such old age. Have they taken all her possesions and still want more?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:04 15 Apr 2009

Most retirement homes charge £700+ a week. Welcome to 2009.

'Will they put her out on the street if she runs out of cash?'..effectively yes. She becomes the responsibility of the Council and the Council-run homes, that I have had the misfortune to visit on numerous occasions, are dire in extremis.

'Is this how life gets when we reach such old age'..yup, that's it and you need to start thinking about it fairly early on as The UK does not seem to follow the noble examples of the Indians, Pakistanis and many other ethnics who look after and respect their old rather than put them in a home, out of the way.

'Have they taken all her possessions and still want more?'..the homes are private, so you have to pay. Selling houses/ belongings. is the only way for most people.


  dagnammit 23:19 15 Apr 2009

I'd rather drop off this mortal coil than go near a home. I, as a boy, once delivered local papers and the state of the local homes and their miserable residents scared the hell out of me.

My sister in the last few years took a job in a Home and quickly quit in disgust... this just strengthens my view... that I'd rather drop off.

  peter99co 23:25 15 Apr 2009

There has to be somthing wrong when a 97 year old is in this position

  JYPX 00:19 16 Apr 2009

I visit a nursing home on a regular basis and often ponder the whole subject of care for the elderly.
I have a hunch that we are going to see a huge shake up in this area over the next few years. Frankly, what is need is a for a Richard Branson type figure to buy up lots of existing homes, and open lots of new ones, and transform the whole sector. As has been pointed out, the fees involved are significant. With that kind of revenue, it must be possible to offer a much, much, better experience, than the miserable one currently experienced by so many.
The main problem IMO is boredom with residents stuck in front of the tv for long periods, as the staff are busy cooking, cleaning etc. However, getting the residents chatting is not difficult (in my experience). It just needs a few well chosen questions that cannot be answered by yes or no - and then everyone joins in. Not that hard. If a larger, well organised home, was to employ a person who would focus only on "activities", the whole thing might start to look a little less depressing. A lot of residents would benefit from a small amount of gentle exercise, but this is not available. Why?

  BT 17:20 16 Apr 2009

I know its sad that this dear old lady has to sell her memorabilia to maintain her lifestyle, but better she enjoys her remaining time than someone else selling the items after her passing and benefitting from the cash.

  TopCat® 22:06 18 Apr 2009

at auction, but even that could be whittled away in fees if she survives long enough. TC. click here

  Forum Editor 23:28 18 Apr 2009

has a cantankerous side:-

"I dislike intensely small boys because they always know more than I do"

Her memorabilia are unlikely to be of much value to her now, especially as she has no recollection of the events of that night in any case. Selling them made sense.

  peter99co 20:12 31 May 2009

An Update

click here

  dagnammit 20:18 31 May 2009

Poor Old Lady... RIP, Millvina Dean.

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