Fat plague...

  Quickbeam 17:47 26 Jan 2009

click here Anyone claiming to have 'caught a fat' from someone else, or is it just another excuse for eating too much.

Sounds like a load of lardy pants to me...

  Quickbeam 18:41 26 Jan 2009

That's interesting fourm member, I'll watch it with interest. Although I'm quite sceptical about the claims, I'll be first in the fat immunisation Q if it's proven.

  laurie53 20:22 26 Jan 2009

That confirms what I've been saying for years, along with the fact I've got very dense bones!

  wolfie3000 21:18 26 Jan 2009

What a load of tosh,

Eating the wrong foods and lack of exercise causes fat people not a airborne virus.

  Legolas 21:30 26 Jan 2009

I stood behind a rather rotund individual the other week in the pie queue...now I am scoffing pies, burgers, chips etc all the time, perhaps I caught something from them...no hang on I was scoffing these things before that. I believe the need to stuff your face with unhealthy food is due to a defective gene, it is called the greedypigneverknowwhenivehadenough gene. ;)))

  AL47 21:38 26 Jan 2009

i am desperate to gain weight, im watching horizon now with interest,

its very hard for me to do it.

i gained a stone so far :)

  €dstowe 22:16 26 Jan 2009

What a load of rubbish.

Obesity is caused by eating too much. That's all there is too it. Fat people who say they only eat enough to feed a sparrow and other such nonsense are deluding themselves. Fat cannot be generated from nothing* so it has to be fed in - usually via the mouth.

*One of the fundamental laws of science.

  AL47 22:32 26 Jan 2009

i dunno i can eat all i want and i dont gain weight, i have my own ideas about me

i dont think its a case of eating too much cause i eat about 3-4x as much as some people who are much bigger than me

i am 13 stone aiming for 15

  Grey Goo 22:45 26 Jan 2009

Quickest way for some people to lose 10 pounds of ugly fat is to cut their heads off.

  donki 22:47 26 Jan 2009

Have to agree with you, I am the reverse of your good self. I put on weight really easyily although through a good diet and exercise I can also lose it easily too. The problem as I see it is in this day and age people see dieting as something you do a few months in a year before going on holidays etc. A good diet is a lifestyle change and is something that should be continued.

  Grey Goo 22:52 26 Jan 2009

Why put on fat when you can build yourself up with muscle. Muscle being denser than fat weighs more per unit volume. You will gain weight without looking like a blimp and you can also kick seven bells out of the smug sods who imagine they are their ideal weight and have no time for anyone with a weight problem.

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