fat passengers get free seat on flights

  sunnystaines 17:39 21 Nov 2008

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in canada fat people are allowed an extra seat next to them free of charge. Must admit if a fat person was given a seat next to mine and their bulges of fat spilled into my space I would be complaining big time so in might help keep all happy in one aspect but what about other reasons for wanting extra room? no incentive for them to diet is it.

  The Brigadier 17:43 21 Nov 2008

Wish i had found this story first!

  Pineman100 18:12 21 Nov 2008

Memo to self: must try to look fatter when I board aircraft.

Comment from wife: "Whaddya mean 'try to'?"

  sunnystaines 18:36 21 Nov 2008

worst nightmare getting a fat one either side of you on long haul.

anyone had a problem with the passenger in the next seat.

  donki 18:50 21 Nov 2008

Does my "fat" suitcase get an allowance at no extra charge i think not!!! :(

  donki 18:51 21 Nov 2008

Oh forgot to say, great friday post sunnystaines.

  Si_L 19:31 21 Nov 2008

I heard a funny story a while ago about this obese man who had to buy two seats to accommodate his extra mass, and yet had to make do with the one seat on the plane. It turned out they gave him seats on different sides of the plane!

  sunnystaines 19:51 21 Nov 2008

could too many fat people affect the take off weight?

  g0nvs 20:00 21 Nov 2008

Why not just fit wider seats ?

  sunnystaines 20:02 21 Nov 2008

they do its called first class, looking at some tv ads they even turn into beds.

  laurie53 20:05 21 Nov 2008

"anyone had a problem with the passenger in the next seat."

Yes, sixteen hours to the Falklands with a wailing two year old, son of a diplomat, in the next seat.

Not knocking the kid or the diplomat, kids wail, but why was I the only one, of the thousands who have done the Ascension Island bounce, to end up with him next to me?

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