Fasten yer seat belts or scaremongering?

  csqwared 20:46 15 Jun 2010

Just come across this:-
click here

if true where do we archive all our stuff until it's over?

  bremner 20:59 15 Jun 2010

Only watched 'Knowing' the other night.

Expect to see space ships and kids disappearing any day then.

  csqwared 21:03 15 Jun 2010

There's no escaaaaaaape........!!

  bremner 21:08 15 Jun 2010

At least I'll get a decent tan for once

  cycoze 22:42 15 Jun 2010

Already happened in 1989 to a degree in Canada, a geomagnetic storm caused a power grid failure, stands to reason that a bigger storm could cause more disruption now we are more reliant on technology.

I can remember talking about this in PCA's "Lounge" years ago while having a discussion on meteorites causing problems to satellites ( the odd one may get struck and knocked out due to plasma strikes).

Now I feel Geeky !

  Forum Editor 23:43 15 Jun 2010

to be outside the supermarket when it opens in the morning - there's bound to be a run on creme fraiche.

  Quickbeam 08:43 16 Jun 2010

We do so enjoy our scares... What's the chances of the Inland Revenue losing all their records?

  morddwyd 09:04 16 Jun 2010

"there's bound to be a run on creme fraiche."

I have a feeling you are not taking this seriously.

It is likely to be every bit as serious as the Millennium Bug.

  jack 09:44 16 Jun 2010

It is likely to be every bit as serious as the Millennium Bug.
Ie a Storm in a teacup- perhaps may be.
If any one is really concerned wrap your computer[s] in several layers of Ali- foil and burt 1 metre deep in the Garden[Well maybe the drives any way]

  Grey Goo 09:44 16 Jun 2010

All you have to do is remove a door and use it as a shield. This is the advice given out in the 1960's to protect you from a 50 megaton device exploded at 2000 feet above your head. Not sure if B&Q doors are made to this standard .

  Snec 16:56 16 Jun 2010

Damn! I've just paid for life-time map updates for my Sat Nav.

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