Farewell James Bond,style above substance

  daz60 20:06 23 May 2017

Roger Moore has passed,one of the most popular Bond's with his panache and quacks marking him out.Some have said he had no depth to his acting but i believe any actor with the right maerial can show their real talent and his movie The Man Who Haunted Himself was ,for me, excellent.

  wee eddie 20:14 23 May 2017

His acting style could best be described as wooden but he was good looking, so I have been told

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:11 23 May 2017

Gone to meet the other Saints.

  Aitchbee 22:39 23 May 2017

I was awarded a Leslie Charteris Saint Omnibus book as a school prize 'for diligence' by my primary school headmaster in 1966.

How did the prize-giving comittee know that I was a Simon Templar fan?

RIP Roger.

  Old Deuteronomy 22:46 23 May 2017

I know not everyone would agree but, I liked Roger Moore's tongue-in-cheek take on James Bond.

  Govan1x 23:34 23 May 2017

Ivanhoe must have been one of his first steps to fame.

I Remember it well.

  LastChip 17:52 24 May 2017

I could never quite make up my mind whether I preferred Roger Moore or Sean Connery as James Bond. I like them both and still think the earlier films were the best of the series.

But Sir Roger spent a lot of his time in his later years as a Unicef ambassador. A job that I believe he liked and felt quite passionate about.

He may not have been the greatest actor that ever lived, but I for one, enjoyed his contributions to the arts.

Anyone that has provided pleasure for a great many people can truly say, I did my best to make people happy. Not a bad legacy to leave behind.

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